Mind the Curves – Fabulous finds

I know I’ve been a terribly bad blogger of late, but I made some time this morning to share some of my favourite finds of late.

Healing Earth

One always thinks of their teen years as the time that our bodies go through lots of changes, but I’ve been surprised to find out how much things change when you hit the big 3-0. It’s like overnight I needed glasses, a second shot of espresso in my coffee, and to lavish more attention on my skin. I was sent some Healing Earth products to trial and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect – these gentle, luxurious, natural products have been just what my thirsty, thirsty epidermis has needed to feel happy and healthy. The products are pure and organic, full of aromatherapy oils and plant extracts, and boasting anti-oxidant qualities. I’ve been using the Pinotage Cleansing Cream, which leaves my skin feeling supple and pampered, and a quick wipe of the toner adds a fresh zing to my routine. With some reluctance I’ve had to share my stash with my beloved, who battles with sensitive skin and bouts of eczema – but we’ve been pleased to find that these gentle products have done wonders for his skin too. By far my favourite is the Stimulating Face Serum, which I use in place of a night cream. I’ve never used an oil on my face before, and expected it to leave my skin gunky and, well, oily – but a couple drops every night have done incredible things for the dry skin around my eyes, and leave my skin beautifully balanced and radiant. Well impressed with these products, and definitely recommend them for those with sensitive skin like mine.

Hannon Colourblend Lipstick in Cherry 

I’ve had great fun stepping out of my red-lip comfort zone with this bonny shade of pink. The lippie goes on nicely (not too waxy or drying), and is pretty long-lasting. This range prides itself on striking the right balance for every skin tone, and while I can’t vouch for anyone else, I do have to admit it strikes a pretty sweet chord in terms of not being too warm or too cold of a colour. If you order online and use the code MINDTHECURVES, you will receive 15% off!

Dare Volumising Mascara

My one-minute makeup routine (for those days you’re rushing to get out the house) involves brows, a good mascara, and slapping on some lippie. If you pare things down to the essentials, you best ensure they be good ones! Dare is a new brand that I recently got to attend the launch for, and along with their gel effect nail polishes (bloody brilliant) and shimmer dust (so sparkly), I found the all-in-one mascara to be a stand-out product. The packaging has a really cool feel to it, and the product goes on like a dream. Just enough volume to make you feel all fluttery, without turning your lashes into a clump of spider legs. The stuff wears really well – I’ve been amazed at how fresh it still looks, even at the end of a tedious day!

Lamelle Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser

I love the fresh tingle of the Dermaheal foaming cleanser, and find it to be the perfect product for days that I’ve packed on the makeup. It does a brilliant job at getting all the grime off in one fell swoop (I don’t even bother with makeup remover when I use it), but unlike many cleansers that I battle with, it doesn’t dry my skin out to a crisp.

Forever 21 felt hat

I’ve received so many compliments on this guy, I thought I’d do y’all a favour and throw him onto this list. I looked for ages for a good winter hat, but every one I found either fit weird, or galled me at its price. This buddy jumped out at me in Forever 21 and was just what I was looking for – plus, at its current sale price, it’s a steal!

iPhone photography course in Kalk Bay

I was recently invited to spend an afternoon learning how to take better photographs with my iPhone. While the thought of ambling around Kalk Bay for an afternoon and upping my photography game already sounded fun to me, I was also secretly hoping that my reluctant insta-husband would join me  and learn a thing or two about taking my OOTDs. Turns out, we both did.

The course runs over a couple hours as you make a loop in picturesque Kalk Bay, which has plenty of fodder for budding photographers. Our guide, professional photographer Trevor Samson, starts with a short talk with some key pointers on taking better photographs, and then we set off on our walk. The groups are small and intimate, and the real lessons kick in when Trevor stops us at key vantage points, and spends quality one-on-one time working with you while you take photographs. I found this kind of practical lesson both immensely fun and informative, and Trevor’s gentle but brilliant input both inspired and elevated my photography game. The individual attention of this course is a definite USP. Trevor is also chock full of interesting info about Kalk Bay, which adds a whole new dimension to the tour.

The tour ends in a cozy coffee spot, where Trevor reviews the learnings, and runs the group through ways of editing your pictures to get that professional finish – as well as how to save ‘meh’ pictures. We get to check out the pictures taken by the rest of the group, and it’s always amazing to see how different people interpret the same things so differently!

To book your own ‘Ways of Seeing’ tour, contact Trevor on 083 5183949, or email him here: trevorsamson@telkomsa.net

Below are some of my favourite shots from the day:



Plus size fashion feature: Off-shoulder bandage dress from Queenspark

You know when you spot something you like online, and then the ad seems to follow you everywhere you go until you finally cave in and get it? So it was with this incredible bandage dress.

I probably don’t need to explain what I like about it, but suffice it to say I love the simple, classic classiness of it – I feel kind of like a plus size Jackie O in it. Despite the dress being from Queenspark’s ‘straight size’ offering (they also have a Queenspark Plus line), the cut was accommodating for my curves, and the size 20 left ample space for me. The bandage style, while figure fitting, is super forgiving of any lumps and bumps should you want to hide them.

My only complaint? Well, it’s too darn cold to wear it at the moment! Can’t wait for wedding season, when I’ll be sure to get good use out of it!

Check out all the pics below:

Plus size fashion feature: Off-shoulder bandage dress from Queenspark


Styled with:
Earrings: Queenspark
Pearls: Vintage
Lipgloss: Rosebud by Hannon

Plus size fashion feature: Polkadot swing dress from Queenspark

While I must admit I do love me a good change in seasons, it’s always a wistful goodbye when I pack my summer frocks away at the end of the warm season, so I’ve been trying to get the most wear out of them as possible before it really is too cold. I spied this classic beauty on my recent Queenspark shopping spree, and knew, even before I tried her on, how perfect she would be for me.

The dress is made from a really lovely high quality fabric, and is actually pretty perfect for this inbetween season – it’s not flimsy at all, and with a cardi over my shoulders the dress is still perfect when it starts to get nippy. But it’s the cut I love the most – considerate of a plus size figure, there is ample fabric to allow for larger bosoms and a chubby tum (my worst is finding a wonderful dress that has a weird cut under the arms and shows off half your bra as there isn’t enough fabric). I’m usually a size 20, but took this dress in an 18 with plenty room to spare.

It’s so completely effortless to wear, I know this is going to be a favourite for me for many years to come.

See more of the grand lady below (I’m talking about the dress, not me, although both are below).

Plus size fashion: Polkadot swing dress from Queenspark

Plus size fashion feature – Mind the Curves in QueensparkPlus size fashion feature – Mind the Curves in Queenspark Plus size fashion feature – Mind the Curves in Queenspark Plus size fashion feature – Mind the Curves in Queenspark  Plus size fashion feature – Mind the Curves in Queenspark Plus size fashion feature – Mind the Curves in Queenspark

Styled with:
Shoes: Tsonga at Poetry (past season)
Pearls: Vintage
Lipgloss: Rosebud by Hannon

Plus size fashion feature: Floral bomber jacket from Queenspark

If it weren’t for our desperate need of rain here in Cape Town, I’d say I wish the weather could always be like this. The skies are sunny and it’s warm enough to be out in a t-shirt, but not so hot that you get all sticky and flustered.

I find dressing for this season a challenge though – my winter staples are all far too warm, but those flimsy summer dresses aren’t quite cutting it either. At the same time, I want to get my last few ‘frock days’ in before I have to reluctantly bid them goodbye until warmer days are back again – let’s just face it, this plus size fashionista is really not a pants person.

On one of my recent perusals of Queenspark (which has REALLY upped its plus size fashion game) I found this satin bomber jacket, and although a little out of my usual style scope, I quickly fell in love. Turns out it’s been the perfect thing for the season – just the thing to go over a t-shirt when the day starts chilling off, or even over a warmer jersey if it’s proper cold. I love that it can be dressed up or down – a really versatile piece.

I had a bit of fun styling it somewhere in between. Check out the images below, and let me know what you think 🙂

Plus size fashion: Satin bomber jacket from Queenspark

Plus size fashion: Mind the Curves in Queenspark Plus size fashion: Mind the Curves in Queenspark Plus size fashion: Mind the Curves in Queenspark Plus size fashion: Mind the Curves in Queenspark

Styled with:
Skirt: Spree (past season)
Heels: Queenspark (past season)
Earrings: Queenspark
Pearls: Vintage
Lipgloss: Rosebud by Hannon

On why I started blogging on the first place

Oh haaaai. Remember me?

I was recently surprised with a link to an interview I did with W24 some time ago, which just got published. Aside from cringing at the sight of myself in video (do I really have such an expressive face?), and lolling my pants off at the fact that it’s filed under ‘celebrity gossip’, it was a little reminder about why I started this whole blog thing in the first place.

Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Original article here.

Love love love.

The best places in South Africa to buy hair flowers

Hi, my name’s Meg, and I’m a chronic over-committer.
The below post was due… hmmmmm… lemme see…. over six months ago? Yeah, maybe longer… #worstbloggerever

I’m going to spare you the whining about my guilt and remorse, and just get to the good stuff about fricken’ awesome hair flowers.

So, I’m crushing harder than ever on all things pinup (I think we’ve moved past ‘phase’, through ‘obsession’ solidly into ‘lifestyle’). Along with pretty pouffy skirts, red lips and winged liner, hair flowers are a pretty integral part of the look. It took me a little while to figure out how to style them right – running the risk of looking like I’ve plopped some sparkly plastic on my head – but now that I’ve kinda got the hang of it, I’m beyond smitten with them and don’t feel like my outfit is complete without some pretty foliage. Naturally I’ve needed one of every colour ever to go with any conceivable outfit, and so began  the early days of a pretty robust collection.

Here are some of the awesome places I’ve discovered to get hair flowers from along the way:

Lady Flamingo Boutique

This be-you-ti-ful online store is run by the outrageously creative SA pinup bombshell, Miss T Bird.  Her artistically assembled flowers have a fresh, realistic look to them – like they’ve just been plucked from the most exotic jungle, or generous garden. Because of how lifelike they look, I find they’re some of the flowers I wear the most – they’re that perfect touch to complete an outfit and take you to bombshell level, without pulling all the focus and looking gaudy. The white orchid especially seems to go with just about everything ever, and the pink camellia perks up drabbest of outfits.

Hair flowers from Lady Flamingo Boutique on MindtheCurves.com
Some of my favourite hair flowers from Lady Flamingo Boutique
Hydrangia hair flower available from Lady Flamingo Boutique on MindtheCurves.com
Hydrangia hair flower available from Lady Flamingo Boutique.

Lady Flamingo Boutique hair flowers are available both via Hello Pretty and on Facebook. Lady Flamingo also does custom orders – perfect for bridesmaids and bachelorettes!


MissHapp has long been the one-stop pinup shop for all things scene-related in South Africa, and hair flowers are certainly not an area that this brand disappoints on. This summer has seen designer Mandy bring a touch of fruit to her fresh, funky designs. I love the funky tropical vibe of them, and the texture of the different elements – truly miniature works of art! Cherries remain a personal favourite of mine, so I adore her options which include this fruit.

Hair flowers from MissHapp on MindtheCurves.com
Hair flowers from MissHapp.
Beautiful blue hair flower available from MissHapp
Beautiful blue hair flower available from MissHapp
Having fun getting my hair styled for pinup at Fringe Retro Hair Salon
Having fun getting my hair styled for pinup at Fringe Retro Hair Salon

MissHapp hair flowers are available via their website and at Retrospective stores.

Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa

Calling all geeks and fangirls! Another of South Africa’s incredible pinup ladies, Cherry Lady Lisa (who I have profiled before here), is the creative genius behind Frockabilly, an artisanal hair bow business. She caters to a very wide array of cute and geeky proclivities (from Pokemon, to Harry Potter, to Disney, to oh-so-many more). I was super, super excited to discover some of her spooktacular Halloween-themed goodies (my personal brand of geekiness), which are super cute to wear in your hair – or add to your outfit. (I’m actually pretty tempted to order a pair of something and see if they work as shoe clips!)

Hair bows from Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa
Geektacular hair bows from Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa

Frockabilly hair bows are available for order via the website. 


I was totally smitten from the first moment I laid eyes on HellRazor‘s designs on Instagram. The combo of fun, funky colours and spooky black cats, eyeballs and Dias Los Muertos paraphernalia had me from the get-go. Lovely creator Jen describes her goods as ‘retro pinup goth style’, which strikes me as kind of perfectly accurate.

Retro goth pinup hair flowers from HellRazor
Wish my hair looked like this every day.

HellRazor is US-based, but ships worldwide via etsy.

Sunkissed Handmade

When I spotted these gorgeous paper flower clips at a local market, I quite literally couldn’t resist. The fine details and delicate colouring give these flowers a delightful vintage feel. Designer Samantha, who is also an incredible wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer, handmakes a huge variety of quirky and unusual designs.

Delightful paper hair flowers from Sunkissed Handmade

Sunkissed Handmade flowers are available via Facebook and at the Palms Market in Woodstock, Cape Town.

A massive thanks to Chantal at Fringe Retro Hair Salon who did my gorgeous pinup style for these photographs.

Did I miss anyone?

I would love to make this a comprehensive list of awesome hair flowers (and bows!) available in South Africa, so if you know of someone I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments, or via email at mindthecurvesza at gmail.com.

Review: Fringe Retro Eco Salon and Barber Shop


Nestled in the ‘Deep South’ of Cape Town is Fringe, a sweet little salon and barber shop with a difference. Stepping through the doors, you’re whisked away to another decade. From the checkered floors, to the old barber’s chair, no detail has been overlooked, and I was still discovering fascinating decor delights right up until the end of my appointment. Throwback music and classic movies are the perfect finishing touches. (I was totally enraptured by Little Rascals while I was having my hair washed. Do you guys remember when that came out? “Oh Alphaaaalpha!”)


While the surrounds feel like they’re from another decade, the service and technology most certainly does not, and so I felt in very safe hands when I decided to take the plunge and get Fringe to transform me into a redhead. Red/ginger is pretty much the only colour I’ve never tried, and I was kinda stressing that the wrong shade of red would make me look like the love child of Miss Piggy and Carrot Top. The ladies at Fringe totally put me at ease though, and the level of  expertise was super reassuring. Joanie Holloway, here I come!


When the colour didn’t come out quite as we’d like on the first go, it was try, try again until voila! It came out perfect! MISS PIGGY BE GONE!

The end result was exceptionally natural-looking – you won’t believe how many people thought I was a legitimate redhead after this do. This is especially impressive when you consider I showed up with bright pink tips to my hair!


As an extra special treat I was treated to a retro styling session with Chantelle, the salon’s owner. Naturally, Fringe specialises in the vintage do’s, and DAMN do you ever feel like a million bucks walking out of there.


The salon’s motto is ‘Bringing Glamour Back,’ and I think they pretty much nailed it.

And now for the end result:



Most awesome experience from start to finish, and super reasonable on the ‘ol pocket book too. (I have LOTS of hair and am usually horrified when the bill comes). Definitely worth the drive out for the amazing experience – and take your man for an authentic hot towel shave experience, while you’re at it!

Fringe Retro Salon is located in the new Sunvalley Mall.

To make a booking, call 021 785 2809 or  082 372 8090. Alternatively, email INFO@FRINGEHAIR.CO.ZA.

Mind the Curves 2016 Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday this week. I’m one of those childlike (childish?) people who really likes celebrating birthdays every year. Usually with a costume party of some sort. (Like last year’s Rockabilly Bash. Oh gawsh, has it really been a whole year since then!?). Plus, there’s usually cake, and I mean, ANY excuse for cake, amiright?

Well, this year I’ve held off on the costume party part (renovations take up all of my ‘organising’ energy – and just about every other sort of energy, for that matter). But I still thought I’d let myself indulge in a little fantasy, by composing my Ultimate Birthday Wishlist – and please – lemme stress the fantasy part here. I really would be very mortified if anyone I knew got me anything on this list. This is definitely more of an indulgent ‘if I won the lottery’ scenario.

Without further ado:

Joolz Fashion’s Fat Unicorn dress

I discovered the mega-talented Aussie designer Joolz over Instagram, and have been in love with her awesome plus size designs and quirky prints – that she designs HERSELF – ever since. I even had the massive honour of featuring her V-dress on the blog, which is currently amongst my most prized possessions. But that was before her unicorn dress came out. Guys, it’s a dress with a full skirt, and it has chubby little unicorns on it. I can’t even think of anything else, it haunts my waking hours and my sleep.

Jools fat unicorn dress

An Erste Wilder brooch

All the cool pinup girls on Instagram have Erste Wilder brooches. Basically my life is incomplete without one – or many of these beautiful, quirky works of art. And the Halloween range has just come out. A sign? I think so.

Source: Erstwilder.com
Source: Erstwilder.com

Plus size Harlow ’50s dress from Hell Bunny

I’m pretty sure they designed this dress with me in mind. I mean, my buxom heroine George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust got to model it, but I’m pretty sure that was just because they knew I was busy on that day. Really, this dress is meant for me.

Source: Hellbunny.com
Source: Hellbunny.com

Anything from Creepheart

What is it with the Aussies and making awesome stuff? Creepheart is another Instagram discovery-turned-massive obsession of mine. Her prints, her jewels – everything is breathtaking. One day one of this pretties will be mine. One day…

Source: Creepheart.com.au
Source: Creepheart.com.au

Here’s more, just in case you haven’t got the full effect of how awesome Creepheart is:

Source: www.creepheart.com.au
Source: www.creepheart.com.au

Anything from Lou Harvey in the Gnome print

I’ve lusted after Lou Harvey for a while now, and there are a number of prints that I adore (Robot, Worthington, Alex Sage), but none more than the Gnome print. Look at it. Just look at it. They’re actually having a website sale, so maybe this will be a ‘happy birthday to me’ situation.

Lou Harvey gnome bag

A GhostGoods pin

Cape Town is not without it’s own dose of design awesome though. I have been gazing longingly at local lovelies GhostGoods pins for some time now – and am so thrilled to see some new designs out for Halloween. Most wonderful time of year indeed.

Source: www.instagram.com/ghostgoods/
Source: www.instagram.com/ghostgoods/

Say hello to Donna – for fresher, funkier plus size fashion

Say hello to Donna.


You may remember Donna‘s predecessor – Donna Claire – but you aren’t going to be seeing her coming around any more. It isn’t that we didn’t like Donna Claire – she was lovely and dependable, if a little conservative and mature for our tastes. Donna Claire was like the older sister you could trust to be perfectly sensible about things, who was supportive and reliable – but she sure as heck wasn’t going to be condoning any spontaneous nights out dancing ’til the sun rose (HAHAHAHAH I HAVEN’T DONE THAT IN 10 YEARS) or pinching that cute barman’s bum.

But Donna – the new Donna, that is – well, she has her forebearers best qualities, but her own fresh, fun take on life. It might have something to do with that new chick she’s hanging out with. What’s her name? Oh yes, Fluvia Lacerda. Since plus size super model and body positivity movement OG Fluvia came on the scene, Donna’s been trying all sorts of new things. She’s more relevant. She’s more daring. She’s more sexy. She’s a whole heap more fun.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few of my favourite looks with the new Donna.

Plus size striped boatneck shirt from Donna

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves

I’m all about that boatneck. Totally works with my pinup crush, and even if you don’t share that particular proclivity, it adds a fresh edge to your outfit. I love the nautical stripe, and the sizing is great. I’m comfortably wearing a 20 here, which is true to size for me.
Styled here with a skirt from Spree, a brooch from Miss Happ and some Donna Claire-era shoes.

Plus size polkadot top and curve-enhancing pencil skirt from Donna

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves

Never mind my passion for polkadots, the little back peek-a-boos in the top are just perfectly cheeky. ALL OVER THAT.
The skirt, if you can believe it, I almost didn’t take.
Then: “I already have like 5 black skirts. Actually, it’s more like 9.5. What’s so special about this black skirt? It’s just a black skirt.”
Styled here with Queenspark shoes and a hair flower from Lady Flamingo Boutique.

Nautical pyjamas from Donna

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves


Let’s just dwell, for a second, on the fact that it’s plus size pyjamas in a cute print. TELL ME ONE OTHER PLACE THAT YOU CAN GET THAT? I EXTRA love the reasonable length of this nighty – and it’s extra long in the back. I actually truly, really, feel it’s been designed with my body type in mind. Will you guys judge me if I try rock it as a dress? I could totally rock it as a dress, right?

Plus size dungarees from Donna

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves

I especially left this one for last, because I feel like it’s my exclamation point. DUNGAREES, mothertruckers! AND THEY FIT ME LIKE A SWEET, SWEET DREAM. The last time I could find dungarees that fitted me I think I was 12, and then I wore them so much they dissolved into nothingness. I intend to do the same with these.

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves

They are stretchy, and INCREDIBLY comfortable – hear me on that. I wanted them a little bit on the looser side, so I sized up. Wearing a 22 or a 24, I think.

Styled here with a Donna top and Mermaids and Monsters felt brooch.

So, if you haven’t paid Donna a visit in yonks, my recommendation is that you make a plan to swing by. You might be pretty surprised by what you find. I know I, for one, intend on kuiering MUCH more frequently…

These gorgeous pics were taken by Gronja from Gronja Lennox photography. You can check out her amazing portfolio here. Gronja specialises in portraits, family and pet photography, as well as capturing special events – so get in touch to get some awesome photos taken!

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