Mind the Curves is a fashion and lifestyle blog for ladies with curvy bodies living in South Africa.

It is written by the Girl in the Pearls,  a professional journalist, editor and content strategist based in Cape Town. She cares very deeply about the topic of body positivity. For a long time it’s something she wanted to write about, and it seemed like a very good idea, until it evolved into something that involved having her pictures taken, which is much easier said than done when you can’t take yourself seriously and like to pull funny faces and make silly noises very much.

Thank you for joining her on this journey. She hopes, together, that we can learn to love and rock what we got.

To get in touch, please mail me on mindthecurvesza@gmail.com.



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  1. Hi there,

    As a plus size girl, love your confidence and the fun you put into plus size dressing. 🙂

    If your ever in JHB, I would love to get you in my studio. <3

  2. Just discovered this blog via news24… you truly are an inspiration, i love the style of the photographs and i love your style. You’re a beautiful person! Now just for me to get the confidence to rock some of the outfit’s you’ve posted! Will definetely be following this one!


    • This is actually genius.

      Meg, you’d make an excellent style assistant / personal shopper. I am often stuck in the rut of always wearing the same styles and being convinced that only certain things look good. You could really help people like me!

  3. Hi Meg,

    We love your blog

    We’ve personally selected two beautiful gifts to match your style.

    Please join us at the opening of our brand new store at the #WaterShedVandA in a celebratory launch with @VandAWaterfront on Thursday 30 October, 6pm.

    Follow us on @IndegeniusZA for a preview of your gifts.

    Hope to see you on Thursday
    Francoise de Oliveira (Mambu Design) & Ricca Turgel (Abafazi Luxury Mohair)

  4. Beautiful blog! I love the angle of body positivity, given there’s so many people that have issues in that regard.

    I can identify, also, because for a while, I had those issues. Thanks for talking about issues that really mean something!

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