If it were up to me to name this sweater, I would call it ‘El Dorado’ (because it’s sparkly. Did you get that?).

This was also from my very first shoot, and I still can’t get over the associations of extreme awkwardness I felt that first time in front of the camera. Thank goodness for stylist extraordinaire Candice Lee Robinson, and her calm coaching and instruction.

If only we had stylists to follow us around and make us look and feel fabulous in day-to-day life…




You guys have no idea how freezing this shoot was. Being a model is hard, y’all!




Sweater: G-Couture
Long tank: Isabel de Villiers
Leggings with leather panel: Penny C at Edgars
Boots: Edgars
Stylist: Candice Lee Robinson
Photographer: Alison Westwood

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