I have no idea what it was about this ‘power suit’ that made me so frisky. I guess I liked the badass biker stylings of something intended to be quite formal.

Plus, we all know I only pretend to be a lady so that when I misbehave it’s a bigger shock.


For some reason I kept pulling a ‘gun’ out of my jacket. Stephen, my photographer, only found it funny the first 3 times.


Dominatrix whip? Cat toy? Guess we’ll never know.


‘Be normal,’ you keep saying. What is this normal you speak of? 😛




Skirt suit: Penny C at Edgars
Lips: Styla
Nails: ‘Purple Heart’ by Gosh Cosmetics
Earrings: Cloud by My China Ceramics at Kin
Photographer: Stephen Geldenhuys

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