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Do you have the time?

The return of the leather-look jacket. Just can’t get enough of this one.

I really think the off-centre zip and biker-style collar works wonders for us larger-busted ladies. Plus, it makes me feel badass.

Was also totally over the moon to find some boots that actually fit over my calves. Major challenge for me!








Jacket: Penny C at Edgars
Skirt: Isabelle de Villiers
Boots: Woolworths
Necklace: Hand-made silver fishbowl by OffBeatMelody from Kin Shop on Kloof
Lips: Velvet Touch in ‘Lambada’ by Gosh Cosmetics
Nails: ‘Purple Heart’ by Gosh Cosmetics
Photographer: Stephen Geldenhuys


Boardroom boss

I have no idea what it was about this ‘power suit’ that made me so frisky. I guess I liked the badass biker stylings of something intended to be quite formal.

Plus, we all know I only pretend to be a lady so that when I misbehave it’s a bigger shock.


For some reason I kept pulling a ‘gun’ out of my jacket. Stephen, my photographer, only found it funny the first 3 times.


Dominatrix whip? Cat toy? Guess we’ll never know.


‘Be normal,’ you keep saying. What is this normal you speak of? 😛




Skirt suit: Penny C at Edgars
Lips: Styla
Nails: ‘Purple Heart’ by Gosh Cosmetics
Earrings: Cloud by My China Ceramics at Kin
Photographer: Stephen Geldenhuys

Polkadot swanky

Hi, I am the Girl in the Pearls, and I’m addicted to polkadots.
I just can’t resist them.

So, natch, this LBD which is zazzled up with a bit of polka swank made me positively weak at the knees.

Can I have one in every colour, please?


Plus size fashion
Also, I have a thing for turquoise.
Photographer: “Cool, now look into the corner of the room.” Me: “Aye-aye, matey!”


Dress: G-Couture
Earrings: ‘Leather fans’ by Story of White Rabbit Days at Kin Shop on Kloof
Nails: ‘Purple Heart’ by Gosh
Lips: Stila
Photographer: Stephen Geldenhuys


This picture is a bonus, for your amusement.

Leopard-print RAWR

This dress. This dress.

Yeah, I almost have no words.

It’s a lot more ‘RAWR’ than I ever would have considered before, but a great deal of fun to wear. The black ‘body-con’ panels down the sides (my first time wearing those too) do wonders for the confidence.

Foughts and finks?

IMG_0260_SnapseedIMG_0249_Snapseed  IMG_0270_Snapseed IMG_0277_Snapseed IMG_0284_Snapseed

Dress: Penny C at Edgars
Shoes: ‘Shazi’ at Strut 24
Necklace: ‘A Bird Named Frank’ at Kin Shop on Kloof
Photographer: Stephen Geldenhuys
Nails: ‘Purple Heart’ by Gosh
Lips: Velvet Touch in ‘Lambada’ by Gosh

Best season basics

This outfit combines three of my absolute favourite finds since starting this blog.
In no particular order:

1). The biker jacket – edgy but sharp – is designed with fabric panels that give it stretch. As a result it just fits perfectly, and is incredibly comfortable – even over chubby arms and a large breast. It also goes with just about EVERYTHING.

2). The long tank is just cut to perfection. It’s one of those things you should probably own five of, and would end up wearing almost every day. It’s comfortable, flattering, and goes under just about everything.

3). Jeans made with booty in mind! Pants that fit over a generously proportioned derrière AND fit in a small waist (a la my hourglass shape) are a rare find. Hello, ‘Curve’ range from Levi’s. I went in store and they measured me for the best cut (Supreme Curve, thank you very much), and I was pretty surprised to find that they actually fit. Now to get used to wearing pants…



IMG_5196_SnapseedJacket: Penny C at Edgars
Long tank: Isabel de Villiers
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Madison
Lips: Velvet Touch by Gosh in ‘Lambada’
Nails: ‘Berry Me’ by Gosh
Hair & Make-up: Celeste Saville-Fourie
Photographer: Celeste Saville-Fourie
Shot on location at Cardomom Monkey


Aztec love

If it were up to me to name this sweater, I would call it ‘El Dorado’ (because it’s sparkly. Did you get that?).

This was also from my very first shoot, and I still can’t get over the associations of extreme awkwardness I felt that first time in front of the camera. Thank goodness for stylist extraordinaire Candice Lee Robinson, and her calm coaching and instruction.

If only we had stylists to follow us around and make us look and feel fabulous in day-to-day life…



You guys have no idea how freezing this shoot was. Being a model is hard, y’all!




Sweater: G-Couture
Long tank: Isabel de Villiers
Leggings with leather panel: Penny C at Edgars
Boots: Edgars
Stylist: Candice Lee Robinson
Photographer: Alison Westwood

Vintage lacy frock

They’ll probably write on my tombstone something like ‘She sure loved her frocks’. Because it’s true. I would have All the Dresses if I could. And with my penchant for vintage style, when I saw this lacy number from plus-size friendly local designer Isabel de Villiers, it was love at first sight.

Tie it together with a pattern clutch and a bit of bling, and I felt quite ready for a little tea party!

I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t walk in these shoes to save my life.



*Adds hand shmodel to CV

Dress: Isabel de Villiers
Clutch: Beau Design
Ring: Papillon Belle at Kin
Lips: ‘304′ Intense Lip Colour by Gosh
Nails: ‘Berry Me’ by Gosh
Hair & makeup: Celeste Saville- Fourie
Photographer: Alison Westwood
Shot on location at Cardomom Monkey

Monochrome mamma

This outfit was from my very first shoot ever for Mind the Curves.
It was in a freezing parking garage, with a photographer who patiently waited for me to stop pulling faces and playing the fool, while my stylist sweetly instructed me on how to pose, and ensured that I had a neck in the pictures and that they weren’t all just up-the-nostril shots, on top of doing all of the important stylisty things.

I learned a tremendous amount that day.

When I think back on it, I’m met with a strong wave of insecurity, and recall the mortification of having a camera pointed at me and how uncomfortable I was being the centre of attention for such a long period of time.

But when I look at the pictures, I see other things too. That dress is completely outside my comfort zone, but I dared to wear it. I got over myself, and my fears to take the first step towards a project I really believed in. If I can do that on day 1, what else can I accomplish on this journey?







Dress: XOXO Clothing
Jacket: Penny C at Edgars
Clutch: SAS Couture
Lips: Moisture Renew Lipstick in ‘Diva Red’ by Revlon
Photographer: Alison Westwood
Stylist: Candice Lee Robinson

Who’s a sassy secretary?

I picture this outfit for a kinda ‘work smart’ vibe. You know, in an alternate reality where the people of Cape Town don’t go to work in the pajamas. 🙂

I absolutely love how the delicate necklace (from Kin on Kloof, my favourite little shop of wonders!) picked up the colours in the blouse perfectly.

I was a little bit nervous about how short the skirt was – the adjectives that I use to describe my legs are not very nice ones. But challenging myself is what this journey is about, innit? And it was stretchy and comfortable, and I like that.

What do you think?



IMG_5066_SnapseedIMG_5113_SnapseedIMG_5144_SnapseedBlouse: G-Couture
Skirt: XOXO
Shoes: Madison
Necklace: Inge Marais at Kin
Nails: ‘Berry Me’ by Gosh
Lips: ‘304’ Intense Lip Colour by Gosh
Hair & makeup: Celeste Saville-Fourie
Photographer: Alison Westwood
Shot on location at Cardomom Monkey

Flowery frocks

Ok, so clearly I still have a bit to learn about regular posting. But, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.
That counts, right?

So, ’50s style frocks are something that I’ve always had a deep love affair with. They emphasise your smallest bit, hide the bits I’m not wild about, and make me feel fun, feminine and confident. I kinda want to use the word ‘frisky’, but I’m worried you’ll misinterpret it.

They’re not super easy to come by in fun prints though. Which is why I was overjoyed to discover Lara Mars, a designer local to Cape Town. Lara sources her fabrics on her travels around the world, and as a result has some really unique and quirky limited-edition ranges. Her designs are quite vintage and whimsical, and I would wear preeeettyyy much all of them, if only they fit (I’m in loooooooove with one covered in bunnies in particular). She says she’s completely open to making a wider range of sizes if there’s demand, so let’s show her that there is!



Books! How interesting they are! Maybe I will ready one.



Dress: Lara Mars
Jacket: Penny C at Edgars
Necklace: Tessa J Kelly at Kin
Hair & makeup: Celeste Saville-Fourie
Photographer: Alison Westwood
Shot on location at the Cardomom Monkey

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