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Sailor chic

This dress won all the points for me. ALL OF THEM. It is classy, flowing and graceful, but also comfortable because of the stretch. Add the striped blazer to the navy blue and you have a nautical thing going on that makes me wheee! Also threw in a compass-style locket necklace given to me by my bestie when I returned from my travels.

What do you fink?

Stairs. I like to climb them.
Trying not to be creeped out by the little boy crying behind me.

Girl in the Pearls IMG_4836_SnapseedDress: Beau Design
Blazer: G-Couture
Nails: ‘Berry Me’ by Gosh Cosmetics
Hair and makeup: Celeste Saville-Fourie
Photographer: Alison Westwood
Shot on location at the Cardomom Monkey


High-waisted skirts and pretty flowers

I absolutely love this outfit, which comes as a huge surprise considering before now I’ve never worn a) a high waist b) bright colours or c) patterns. And this skirt is all of them, and it rocks! I also love the mesh in the top – just enough to make you feel sexy-like, without showing too much skin. Hooray!

It’s also a very comfortable outfit – I can do my impromptu T-Rex impersonation or a rendition of the Ministry of Funny Walks at any given moment, if I want to.

What do you think?

Girl in the Pearls



Oh, haai! Just getting some suitcases! 🙂

Top: Georgie B
Skirt: G-Couture
Hair and make-up: Celeste Saville-Fourie
Photographer: Alison Westwood
Shot on location at The Cardomom Monkey.


A blog is born

If this blog has been in incubation for several years, I’ve been in labour with it for several months now.

It’s been fully-grown and ready to meet the world for quite some time, but truth is I’ve been too scared to publish.

Putting yourself out there is scary, even for something you believe about so deeply. And I do, care deeply about the core subject of this blog, body positivity.

I hit puberty when I was 9. By age 12 I had bigger boobs than my mom had ever had. Finding off-the-rail clothes has always been difficult, and more difficult still was hearing my body shape described as ‘difficult’.

As a result, I imposed on myself a lifetime of dark colours and small variations in style, always too scared to wear anything different in case I drew too much attention to myself. No heels because they make me feel like a hippo balancing on toothpicks. Nothing trendy, because then I’d look like I was making an effort, and that would just be embarrassing. I’ve dieted and worked out, and been heavier and lighter, but how I’ve felt about myself has never really changed.

And it never will, unless I change the way I think.

I look around, and see women in all different shapes and sizes, and think how beautiful they are. Why can’t I be so kind to myself?

So, here I begin. This is what I got, and I’m going to learn how to rock it. No more hiding in the same A-line black dress. I want to learn to feel good in my body, no matter what size it is.

And hopefully, as I do, I’ll find some people on the same journey.
Please share your thoughts and stories with me if you’re in the same boat.

Sincerely yours,
The Girl in The Pearls

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