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The LG Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter washing machine – a review

Hi readers! I am slowly emerging from the wedding planning haze and returning to regular life (whatever that is). I know I haven’t posted anything proper about the wedding yet (although you can get a sneak peek on Instagram here), but that will come, I promise!

I’m going to go right ahead and put the cart before the horse, and share with you about one of our best wedding gifts – a brand-spanking-new Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter washing machine from LG for me to review! (Thanks LG, your timing for this campaign was pretty great 😉 )

My previous machine had been a trusty LG Fuzzy Logik that had served me well for many, many years, so I already had a pretty good opinion about the brand’s reliability and what an LG machine could offer, but let’s just say I was blown away by how far the technology has come. Plus it’s really pretty and shiny and new – I mean, just look at it!

Our LG Smart Inverter washing machine tucked into its nook.

Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control

Living at the centre of the Cape Town drought, water consumption is at the absolute forefront of my mind. As a family of 3 we’ve made a great effort to cut down the amount of laundry we have to do, and with the Sapience I’m thrilled to be able to do what washing we have to far more efficiently. The machine is available in 13, 15, and 17kg sizes, and with the 15kg machine that we opted for I am able to do 2-weeks worth of laundry (including sheets and towels) in one load – significantly cutting down the number of loads I have to do. I love that I am able to monitor and control exactly how much water the machine uses with the easy-to-use ‘water level’ settings display. (And it goes without saying that we save and re-use all grey water wherever possible!)

I really like being able to see and control the LG Sapience Smart Inverter’s water usage.

The Smart Inverter functionality is the absolute cherry on the top. What these fancy words mean is that the machine adjusts its power consumption to the exact amount required – meaning it figures out how much you need to wash and doesn’t draw unneeded power. They claim a 36% energy saving, which is not just great for your pocket, but the environment too!

Smart Motion for optimized washing by fabric type

The Smart Motion capability of this machine means that you can customise what kind of wash your load gets based on what it is that you’re washing. Obviously you would want a load of towels and sheets to be treated very differently to your delicate frocks load! With the LG Smart Inverter it’s as easy as programming your wash by fabric type. You can pick between normal, wool, duvet and silent, and the machine will combine the correct motions for the best care and treatment of your load.

LG Smart Inverter
Punch+3 creates powerful streams of water which mix laundry up and down repeatedly for even washing result.

Turbo Drum™ removes even the toughest dirt

Another of the defining characteristics of this machine is that the drum rotates. This Turbo Drum functionality gives the best possible wash to your grubby goodies by creating a strong water stream via rotating the drum and pulsator in opposite directions.  More fancy words, but what you need to know is that this machine doesn’t mess around – even the grungiest of stuff will come out clean (trust me, I wash my boys’ sweat-soaked, mud-splashed kit after they do motocross).  The Auto Pre Wash function, which lets the clothes soak while agitating them every two minutes before your regular was, is also really great for soiled loads.

One of the most impressive things for me – and the sure sign of a good buy – is the fact that the machine comes with a 10-year-warranty. I feel like that really is a sign of a company backing the claims that they make – you really can’t go wrong! Other things I really like are the soft-close lid (it just makes you feel fancy, ok?) and the sweet little tune it sings you when your load is done!

Check out more about the LG Smart Inverter here.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me, but all opinions are my own and honest, based on my experience with the product.

Review: Fringe Retro Eco Salon and Barber Shop


Nestled in the ‘Deep South’ of Cape Town is Fringe, a sweet little salon and barber shop with a difference. Stepping through the doors, you’re whisked away to another decade. From the checkered floors, to the old barber’s chair, no detail has been overlooked, and I was still discovering fascinating decor delights right up until the end of my appointment. Throwback music and classic movies are the perfect finishing touches. (I was totally enraptured by Little Rascals while I was having my hair washed. Do you guys remember when that came out? “Oh Alphaaaalpha!”)


While the surrounds feel like they’re from another decade, the service and technology most certainly does not, and so I felt in very safe hands when I decided to take the plunge and get Fringe to transform me into a redhead. Red/ginger is pretty much the only colour I’ve never tried, and I was kinda stressing that the wrong shade of red would make me look like the love child of Miss Piggy and Carrot Top. The ladies at Fringe totally put me at ease though, and the level of  expertise was super reassuring. Joanie Holloway, here I come!


When the colour didn’t come out quite as we’d like on the first go, it was try, try again until voila! It came out perfect! MISS PIGGY BE GONE!

The end result was exceptionally natural-looking – you won’t believe how many people thought I was a legitimate redhead after this do. This is especially impressive when you consider I showed up with bright pink tips to my hair!


As an extra special treat I was treated to a retro styling session with Chantelle, the salon’s owner. Naturally, Fringe specialises in the vintage do’s, and DAMN do you ever feel like a million bucks walking out of there.


The salon’s motto is ‘Bringing Glamour Back,’ and I think they pretty much nailed it.

And now for the end result:



Most awesome experience from start to finish, and super reasonable on the ‘ol pocket book too. (I have LOTS of hair and am usually horrified when the bill comes). Definitely worth the drive out for the amazing experience – and take your man for an authentic hot towel shave experience, while you’re at it!

Fringe Retro Salon is located in the new Sunvalley Mall.

To make a booking, call 021 785 2809 or  082 372 8090. Alternatively, email INFO@FRINGEHAIR.CO.ZA.

Review: Dial a Stylist

Recently one of my readers contacted me to let me know she’d started a new business. Her company, Dial A Stylist, is a very affordable way of getting dolled up before a night out. Starting at R45 per treatment, Kim will come to your home to do your hair before you go out. Her range of services include blow drying, hair straightening, curling and upstyles, amongst others.

Her super relaxed personality makes it feel as if you’re chatting with a friend before heading out – not to mention how convenient it is to have her come to you in your own home!

I had a special dinner last week, and decided to try out her services. I also set her a real challenge: I wanted a pinup hair-do that I hadn’t yet tried yet. This is how it turned out:
  With layer upon layer of hairspray, she mastered a barrel roll across the top of my head. As you know with pinup hair – bigger is always better.  I got even more excited when I saw the back. How cool do my mermaid tips look in a curled ponytail like this?
  We both agreed that the flower was the perfect touch. Annnnnnd here’s the finished get-up.

It was a great pleasure using Dial A Stylist, and I would certainly do it again when suffering through a bad hair day, or if I wanted to feel that extra bit special. Now… what should I challenge her with next time?

Kim is contactable via her Facebook page.


Glammed up in a boudoir shoot with Miss Hepburn – and get 50% off your booking!

I recently had the sublime pleasure of doing a boudoir photo shoot with Miss Hepburn Photography.

I’m not gonna lie, the prospect of taking my kit off for a camera had me feeling very nervous and vulnerable. Did I really want to expose all those lumps and bumps and wibbly bits that I’m trying to learn to love to the scrutiny of a camera? What if I just looked like a bathing hippopotamus, or beached whale?

When the shoot day came, I immediately took a liking to Kylie – aka Miss Hepburn – who is charming and relaxed, and immediately puts you at ease. And then her partner in crime, Sam, of Sam Ellenberger Makeup artistry, began working her magic on me. With curls in the hair and long fluttery eyelashes, one can’t help but to start feeling a little bit glamourous.

I was exceedingly blessed to have Matilda’s and Sarah Elizabeth offer me some gorgeous lingerie that catered for my curves, and by the time we were ready to start rolling, I was feeling the minxy part.

The shoot itself was uber relaxed. Our set was a sweet little room in the White Lodge Constantia Guesthouse, and we chatted beforehand about going for a sort of Hollywood glamour look and feel.

Kylie was great about making sure I was relaxed and comfortable, and gave good guidance about how to pose and hold myself when I wasn’t sure what to do.

The whole experience is kind of sexy and sensual, and I felt pretty good doing it, but I wasn’t nearly prepared for how the images turned out.

Is that even me!!?? I can’t possibly be that hot. Right? Right?

The boudoir shoot was a total self-esteem boost. I’m not super comfortable looking sexy – I always feel a bit silly – but I love the smokin’ hot pictures that Kylie got me to pull off.

A few people I’ve spoken to have said they love the idea of doing a boudoir shoot, but don’t think they’d ever have the guts to go through with it. I say, do it. The photos are just for you – nobody else. They helped me to see myself in a totally different light – I seriously didn’t know I could pull off sexy – and when I saw how they turned out, I felt pretty darn good about myself.

Besides, when you’re a wrinkly old granny, wouldn’t you love to look back and remember how you are now?

I’ve got a whole whack of keepers (enough to make my own raunchy calendar!) but have chosen a few of my favourite (more modest) ones to share with you. Family and colleagues are going to see this post, after all. (Dudes, you better still look me in the eye).

To make the deal sweeter still, Miss Hepburn is offering an incredible special, just for Mind the Curves readers! Scroll to the bottom to find out more!

IMG_3952MSHEPIMG_3971MSHEP IMG_4049MSHEP_smallIMG_4017MSHEP IMG_4133MSHEP IMG_4119MSHEPPhotographer: Miss Hepburn Photography
Hair and makeup: Sam Ellenberger
Corset: Matildas
High-waisted Amelia briefs by Elomi from: Sarah Elizabeth
Blue and pink Orla bra by Elomi from: Sarah Elizabeth
Leopard and flower Chi Chi bra by Panache from: Sarah Elizabeth
Shot on location at White Lodge Constantia Guest House

And now, for the super-de-duper special from Miss Hepburn Photography.
Book now for August, and you get 50% off any of her packages! That’s a holy-frikken-moly good deal!

Check out the deals below, and when you book with Miss Hepburn, be sure to quote our top-secret code, ‘CelebrateMyBeautyMTC‘.

Remember! 50% off all the prices listed here!
Remember! 50% off all the prices listed here!


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