Haters gonna hate

Curvy is used here as a euphemism for fat.”

Got your attention? It got mine too.
Long before I posted my first post on Mind the Curves (Mind the Fat doesn’t have quite the same ring to it), I grappled with the thought of what I’d do if I suffered the wrath of the more critical Internet populous.

Until now, for the most part, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback, ranging from chummy ‘You go girl!’s to heartfelt messages about how I am an inspiration, which have almost brought me to tears.

And then today I spotted a string of comments on a post of mine that ran on Women24.

The comments ranged from concern for my health, to calling me lazy and fat.

And, just like that, with one little drop of acid, the entire glass is bitter.

I understand that by writing this blog and putting myself out there I am, in a sense, inviting this criticism. That doesn’t mean that I’m any better prepared or less affected when someone criticizes me. I’m such a fragile little hatchling on this body positivity journey myself.

But, it occurs to me, maybe in this situation lies a golden opportunity to confront those who are so ready to criticise another’s body and perpetuate the trend of body shaming.

I believe that there’s a lesson that we can all learn together here.

Confrontation, of any sort, is not my strong point. So I’d like your help to put together a list of how to respond when someone criticizes your body. Please drop me a line on the blog, via email or on social media to tell me, in your words, why is the body positivity movement important to you? How would you respond to someone who criticises your body?

Hopefully we can help prepare each other for this sort of criticism, and maybe open the eyes of a few people along the way.

Red lipstick kisses to you all,
The Girl in the Pearls

Sky blue love

When you have an *unconventional, or *troublesome figure (*I find all of these terms problematic), it’s very seldom that you put on a dress and think, ‘HOT DAMN that looks good on me!’. Yet, somehow, every outfit from designer Anna Geldenhuys’s brand Jacoba Clothing fit like it was made for me.

The sizes were easy and comfortable, the fabric both luxurious and flattering, and the cuts a variety of classic, sexy, stylish and fun.

And when something doesn’t fit like a glove, Anna is quick to say that she’ll alter it to fit you. Of course, the approach that you make clothes to fit your body, and not change your body to fit clothes, is one that resonates with me deeply.

Traditionally dealing in bridal party-wear, Jacoba Clothing is now expanding to all occasion-wear. You can see one of my favourite of her frocks below, with more to come in the next few weeks.


I did this shoot on Heritage Day. This picture just kind of… happened. 🙂



Dress: Jacoba Clothing
Earrings: at Kin
Nails: ‘Metallic Purple’ from Gosh at Edgars
Make-up: Qaanita Abrahams from Onq Makeup
Photographer: Alison Westwood

Rock a catsuit!

I can tell you here and now, never in a million years did I ever think I’d rock a cat suit.

When uber-talented designer Isabel de Villiers first showed it to me, I was skeptical. Surely it was going to cling in all the wrong places, and, and, and… it was pants! But then I tried it on. Like a dress (did you know I love dresses?) it just slips on, and you don’t have to worry about coordinating tops and bottoms. And Isabel’s designs bear our curves in mind, so it’s forgiving in the places it needs to be.

Now I’m sold, and wear mine often.
She has several new variations of this design on her website – check it out here: isabeldevilliers.co.za.

DSC_0263_Snapseed DSC_0269_Snapseed DSC_0293_Snapseed


Cat suit: Isabel de Villiers
Earrings: at Kin
Nails: ‘Spot on! Pink’ from Gosh at Edgars
Lips: Mango Lip Butter by Korres
Make-up: Qaanita Abrahams from Onq Makeup
Photographer: Alison Westwood

The Neriad

“Like a sprite, she rose from the water.”
But really, I just splashed around in the duck-poo-infested pond at the castle.

The dress is really lovely though. Flowing and graceful, it has a grecian quality to it. Looking at it now, I wonder if I shouldn’t have worn it with a gold rope belt.

DSC_0564_Snapseed DSC_0458_Snapseed DSC_0451_Snapseed DSC_0416_Snapseed DSC_0583_Snapseed

Dress: G-Couture
Earrings: Resin flowers by Chasteau de Balyon at Kin
Rings: Sterling silver and enamel rings by the Story of Long Jean Silver at Kin
Nails: ‘Spot on! Pink’ from Gosh at Edgars
Lips: Mango Lip Butter by Korres
Make-up: Qaanita Abrahams from Onq Makeup
Photographer: Alison Westwood

Fanciful feathers

I’m sorry for not posting anything last week. Hoping to make it up to you with a whole bunch of awesome new outfits, from a brand-spanking-new shoot. We shot at the Cape Town Castle, which is filled with lots of beautiful, romantic nooks and crannies and secret corners. I might have even got to straddle a cannon…

DSC_0144-1 (dragged)_Snapseed DSC_0112_Snapseed DSC_0183_Snapseed DSC_0192_Snapseed


Top: Michelle Ludek at Zando
Skirt: Michelle Ludek
Nails: ‘Spot on! Pink’ from Gosh at Edgars
Lips: ‘Mango’ Lip Butter by Korres
Make-up: Qaanita Abrahams from Onq Makeup
Photographer: Alison Westwood

Oversized shirt

Since the long ago days of school uniforms, I’ve had barely any interactions with button-up shirts. Due to the often unforgiving stiffness of the fabric, it’s been near impossible to find ones that fit over my buxom breasts and bulging biceps. (Yes, let’s go with that description).

Thus, my joy at finding this over-sized guy, who hides all the bumpy bits I don’t love showing off, and looks pretty badass with a belt round my smallest part.


P.S. This shoot got a little weird.


MindtheCurves_whiteshirt2 MindtheCurves_whiteshirt1

Shirt: Weiss Design
Lips: ‘Fiery’ by Stila
Nails: ‘Leather Look’ by Nails Inc
Photographer: Rachel Robinson


This post is just a bit of silliness, really. I saw this ridiculous cat dress/top (drop?) and Mr P and obviously couldn’t live without it.

My handsome friend was less than pleased at being a prop for this photo shoot. Especially not one that features cats .


I had a bit of fun editing these. Forgive the 17 difference effects used 😛

MindtheCurves_cats4 MindtheCurves_cats3


Dress: Mr Price
Lips: ‘Fiery’ by Stila
Nails: Leather Look Effect by Nails Inc
Photographer: Rachel Robinson

Paper planes

After the excitement of being featured on both Women24 and Becoming You this week, I felt like I’d better post something good. (Yes, I’m hoping to win your hearts with the picture of me squeezed into a tub, to follow).

This dress was another winner from my little spree at Mr Price. It’s from the ‘regular’ section (non-plus-size), but is thankfully stretchy and flattering, thanks to the seam taking me at my smallest part under my bust. I’m particularly self-conscious about my legs, and this dress is on the shorter side, so I opted to wear it with leggings underneath.

Of course, I SO love the quirky print. (SUCH a sucker for fun prints).

What do you think?






So, turns out, my photographer for this shoot, Rachel, does a lot of baby photography. She saw this bath and laughed about how, if this were a baby shoot, she would put me in it. Guess what happened next…



Dress: Mr Price
Lips: Stila
Nails: ‘Leather Look’ by Nails Inc
Photographer: Rachel Robinson

The virtues of high-waisted skirts

I am all about the high-waisted skirts at the moment. I just can’t get enough of them.
I think they work well for plus-size girls as they take you at your smallest part – either your waist or under your bust – which has a really slimming effect.

I do often find them a bit too short for my liking though. So, if you find anywhere that does have a nice range, please do let me know.

The one I found below is from local-designer superstar Michelle Ludek, who just happened to make the skirt in my absolute favourite colour 🙂




Shirt: Mr Price
Skirt: Michelle Ludek
Nails: ‘Leather Look’ by Nails Inc
Lips: Gosh Intense Lip Colour in ‘304’
Photographer: Rachel Robinson


Double dots

I know this might be strange for some, but I’ve recently rediscovered Mr Price.
Historically I’ve battled with their cuts and sizes, but of late I’ve found a number of things that fit really nicely. Not to mention that they’re the undeniable Kings of Quirk with their adorable funky patterns and prints! One of my favourite finds below:






Because yeah, I’m a madame.

Dress: Mr Price
Shoes: Madison
Hat: Emthunzini Hats
Lips: Stila
Nails: ‘Leather Look’ by Nails Inc.
Photographer: Rachel Robinson

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