Mind the Curves 2016 Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday this week. I’m one of those childlike (childish?) people who really likes celebrating birthdays every year. Usually with a costume party of some sort. (Like last year’s Rockabilly Bash. Oh gawsh, has it really been a whole year since then!?). Plus, there’s usually cake, and I mean, ANY excuse for cake, amiright?

Well, this year I’ve held off on the costume party part (renovations take up all of my ‘organising’ energy – and just about every other sort of energy, for that matter). But I still thought I’d let myself indulge in a little fantasy, by composing my Ultimate Birthday Wishlist – and please – lemme stress the fantasy part here. I really would be very mortified if anyone I knew got me anything on this list. This is definitely more of an indulgent ‘if I won the lottery’ scenario.

Without further ado:

Joolz Fashion’s Fat Unicorn dress

I discovered the mega-talented Aussie designer Joolz over Instagram, and have been in love with her awesome plus size designs and quirky prints – that she designs HERSELF – ever since. I even had the massive honour of featuring her V-dress on the blog, which is currently amongst my most prized possessions. But that was before her unicorn dress came out. Guys, it’s a dress with a full skirt, and it has chubby little unicorns on it. I can’t even think of anything else, it haunts my waking hours and my sleep.

Jools fat unicorn dress

An Erste Wilder brooch

All the cool pinup girls on Instagram have Erste Wilder brooches. Basically my life is incomplete without one – or many of these beautiful, quirky works of art. And the Halloween range has just come out. A sign? I think so.

Source: Erstwilder.com
Source: Erstwilder.com

Plus size Harlow ’50s dress from Hell Bunny

I’m pretty sure they designed this dress with me in mind. I mean, my buxom heroine George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust got to model it, but I’m pretty sure that was just because they knew I was busy on that day. Really, this dress is meant for me.

Source: Hellbunny.com
Source: Hellbunny.com

Anything from Creepheart

What is it with the Aussies and making awesome stuff? Creepheart is another Instagram discovery-turned-massive obsession of mine. Her prints, her jewels – everything is breathtaking. One day one of this pretties will be mine. One day…

Source: Creepheart.com.au
Source: Creepheart.com.au

Here’s more, just in case you haven’t got the full effect of how awesome Creepheart is:

Source: www.creepheart.com.au
Source: www.creepheart.com.au

Anything from Lou Harvey in the Gnome print

I’ve lusted after Lou Harvey for a while now, and there are a number of prints that I adore (Robot, Worthington, Alex Sage), but none more than the Gnome print. Look at it. Just look at it. They’re actually having a website sale, so maybe this will be a ‘happy birthday to me’ situation.

Lou Harvey gnome bag

A GhostGoods pin

Cape Town is not without it’s own dose of design awesome though. I have been gazing longingly at local lovelies GhostGoods pins for some time now – and am so thrilled to see some new designs out for Halloween. Most wonderful time of year indeed.

Source: www.instagram.com/ghostgoods/
Source: www.instagram.com/ghostgoods/

Say hello to Donna – for fresher, funkier plus size fashion

Say hello to Donna.


You may remember Donna‘s predecessor – Donna Claire – but you aren’t going to be seeing her coming around any more. It isn’t that we didn’t like Donna Claire – she was lovely and dependable, if a little conservative and mature for our tastes. Donna Claire was like the older sister you could trust to be perfectly sensible about things, who was supportive and reliable – but she sure as heck wasn’t going to be condoning any spontaneous nights out dancing ’til the sun rose (HAHAHAHAH I HAVEN’T DONE THAT IN 10 YEARS) or pinching that cute barman’s bum.

But Donna – the new Donna, that is – well, she has her forebearers best qualities, but her own fresh, fun take on life. It might have something to do with that new chick she’s hanging out with. What’s her name? Oh yes, Fluvia Lacerda. Since plus size super model and body positivity movement OG Fluvia came on the scene, Donna’s been trying all sorts of new things. She’s more relevant. She’s more daring. She’s more sexy. She’s a whole heap more fun.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few of my favourite looks with the new Donna.

Plus size striped boatneck shirt from Donna

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves

I’m all about that boatneck. Totally works with my pinup crush, and even if you don’t share that particular proclivity, it adds a fresh edge to your outfit. I love the nautical stripe, and the sizing is great. I’m comfortably wearing a 20 here, which is true to size for me.
Styled here with a skirt from Spree, a brooch from Miss Happ and some Donna Claire-era shoes.

Plus size polkadot top and curve-enhancing pencil skirt from Donna

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves

Never mind my passion for polkadots, the little back peek-a-boos in the top are just perfectly cheeky. ALL OVER THAT.
The skirt, if you can believe it, I almost didn’t take.
Then: “I already have like 5 black skirts. Actually, it’s more like 9.5. What’s so special about this black skirt? It’s just a black skirt.”
Styled here with Queenspark shoes and a hair flower from Lady Flamingo Boutique.

Nautical pyjamas from Donna

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves


Let’s just dwell, for a second, on the fact that it’s plus size pyjamas in a cute print. TELL ME ONE OTHER PLACE THAT YOU CAN GET THAT? I EXTRA love the reasonable length of this nighty – and it’s extra long in the back. I actually truly, really, feel it’s been designed with my body type in mind. Will you guys judge me if I try rock it as a dress? I could totally rock it as a dress, right?

Plus size dungarees from Donna

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves

I especially left this one for last, because I feel like it’s my exclamation point. DUNGAREES, mothertruckers! AND THEY FIT ME LIKE A SWEET, SWEET DREAM. The last time I could find dungarees that fitted me I think I was 12, and then I wore them so much they dissolved into nothingness. I intend to do the same with these.

Donna plus size fashion on Mind the Curves

They are stretchy, and INCREDIBLY comfortable – hear me on that. I wanted them a little bit on the looser side, so I sized up. Wearing a 22 or a 24, I think.

Styled here with a Donna top and Mermaids and Monsters felt brooch.

So, if you haven’t paid Donna a visit in yonks, my recommendation is that you make a plan to swing by. You might be pretty surprised by what you find. I know I, for one, intend on kuiering MUCH more frequently…

These gorgeous pics were taken by Gronja from Gronja Lennox photography. You can check out her amazing portfolio here. Gronja specialises in portraits, family and pet photography, as well as capturing special events – so get in touch to get some awesome photos taken!

Get into the swing of spring with plus size designer AfriBlossom

What is spring like where you are?

In Cape Town it’s kind of schizophrenic – golden summer days on one day, and grumpy rain bursts the next. My personal nemesis is the days that look delicious from the inside – so you get all kitted up in your best frock and peep-toes – but the second you step outside you realise it was all a ruse and it’s actually sub-zero outside (but you’re really stubborn so you spend the rest of the day being freezing but oh-so-cute and stylish).

Wardrobes are hard to manage in this season (especially if you have limited space like I do, thanks to renovations-with-no-forseeable-end-in-sight). You’re not quite ready to bring out the summer frocks and sandals, but chunky winter jerseys are too much too. What you need is the inbetween stuff.

This inbetween stuff is exactly what I spotted and loved in the latest range from AfriBlossom – a gorgeous local range designed with the South African plus size woman in mind. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the line.

Plus size kimono from AfriBlossom

Plus size outfit from Afriblossom on Mind the Curves

The kimono is loose and relaxed, yet still incredibly classy. I love the weight to the fabric, which lends itself to the beautiful draping on this top. For warmer days it works great as an over-the-shoulder shrug with a tank top, but if the clouds come rolling in you can also wear a warmer top underneath.

Plus size outfit from Afriblossom on Mind the Curves

As a side note, the kitten in this picture only has 3 legs and she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I wanted to steal her. Little squirrel!

Plus size faux trench coat from AfriBlossom

Plus size outfit from Afriblossom on Mind the Curves

I came for the lace trim, but I stayed for the sleeves. Look at those sleeves, people! They’re actually bonafide works of art. Plus, full-length coats come with this sort of sexy, sexy power. (Didn’t Trinity from the Matrix wear one? I’m sure she did). There’s nothing not to love about this coat.

Plus size poncho from Afriblossom

Plus size outfit from Afriblossom on Mind the Curves

If I can be candid, I wasn’t sure this was my style, before trying it on. I felt it might be a little bit conservative for me, and that I wouldn’t like the way it looked on my body shape – loose things on top tend to make my busty busts look even bustier.

But then I tried it on – and really liked how it worked! Another ‘no-pressure’ piece – I felt free to move in it, and definitely felt like it was classy at the same time (to be fair I’m pretty sure I could wear gardening overalls with those peep-toes and they’d look classy). But it turns out I love it! What do you think?

Plus size outfit from Afriblossom on Mind the Curves

Afriblossom poncho worn with:
Skirt from Donna
Peep toes from Queenspark

The gorgeous pictures in this blog were taken by Gronja from Gronja Lennox photography. You can check out her amazing portfolio here. Gronja specialises in portraits, family and pet photography, as well as capturing special events – so get in touch to get some awesome photos taken!

Plus size skirt review: Mesmerism skirt by Atomic Starlet

Atomic Starlet plus size skirt

Pinup. Quirk. Sparkles.
On any given day, any one of these three things is guaranteed to be a hit with me – but combined? Oh damn, combined we’re talking about smittenness of  – dare I say it? – plus size proportions.

And that is exactly which category this skirt from Atomic Starlet falls into. I stumbled across the quirky awesomeness by designer Jennifer Engelbrecht while perusing Etsy one day, and fell head-over-heels. Not only are her designs available  from size XS to a 4XL, but they’re so fun and quirky and different too. On her website Jennifer explains that her designs are inspired both by her love of ’40s and ’50s style, and her appreciation for all things sci-fi.

Exploring the Atomic Starlet site is worth it just for a fun read – each skirt comes with it’s own outer-worldly story. The best part? You only get the resolution when your order arrives! (And oh is it ever worth the wait!)

Atomic Starlet plus size skirt

While it was a tough call, the skirt I fell hardest for is the ‘Mesmerism‘ design. At the time I thought it was because of my affinity for blues, but when the skirt arrived in real life the reason was obvious – it’s TOTALLY a mermaid print! (Or chimera scales, depending on which you favour!)

The fabric – 100% cotton – feels incredibly luxurious and has a gorgeous weight, which is amplified by a stiffened hem, which gives you that awesome swishy, swirly feel, even without a petticoat.

The sweet bow is the perfect finishing touch, and is removable, which I think is an awesome feature. There’s something about a bow at the waist that just makes a pinup look ‘finished’, but I’d really like to try pin it to my top and see how that looks, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet (damn you, winter weather! *shakes fist*).

The craftsmanship of this item is beyond reproach – it’s made to fit perfectly, it’s finished perfectly, and it’s just gorgeous quality.

Mesmerism‘s special story not only includes the standard aliens and intergalactic space travel (obviously!), but also lava, costume balls and a chimera. Want to see how it all weaves together? Well, you’ll have to find out here!

Atomic Starlet plus size skirt

For this post I’ve styled the Mesmerism (how perfect is that name for it? Let’s be real for a sec!) with the cape top from Afriblossom‘s summer line (hallo, how perfect is that colour match!?) – and some glitter wedges (that I’m more than a little obsessed with) from Queenspark. They even have that kind of ‘outer space’ aesthetic, so I thought they were just beyond perfect.

So, how do we like it, curvettes?

Girl in the Pearls

Plus size dress review: Sweetheart neckline dress from BGN Workshop

BNG Workshop plus size dress on Mind the Curves_6

I have a thing with frocks. Have you noticed? I’m happiest when I’m in a frock. In all my best memories, I’m wearing a frock. Definitely getting married and giving birth, in a frock. The world is just better, in frocks.

So, when BGN Workshop offered me a dress from their new line to review, I said FROCK YEAH! (guys, I totally just came up with that). :,D

It was hard to pick a favourite to go with – this plus size brand caters for a number of tastes, from my more classic, feminine fit ‘n flair favourites, to summery maxi’s, elegant evening-wear and casual day-wear. It came down to a coin-toss at the end, but I opted for the Sweetheart Neckline Dress both for its shape, and the gorgeous print – and when it arrived, damn am I ever glad I did!

BNG Workshop plus size dress on Mind the Curves_3

The dress is super-high quality – there are no loose threads or funny stitching. The top is lined and silky, and the over-all feel of the fabric is luxurious. There is a lovely weight to it that makes it fall beautifully, and no clinging.

BNG Workshop plus size dress on Mind the Curves_1

The cut has definitely catered for the plus size figure – there are no funny gaps under the arm, or gaping cleavage due to a bad pattern. I took a size 20 and would say the sizing is even a little bit on the generous side, although I’m very comfortable with the extra room to move.

BNG Workshop plus size dress on Mind the Curves_2

There were two awesome surprises that came with the dress:

  1. the most amazing belt. It’s elastic at the back and super comfortable – I think it’s going to get used with just about every outfit I own.
  2. It has these thingies – I’m sure they have a proper name – but basically, you clip the inside of your dress straps around your bra straps so that your bra straps don’t hang out. It’s INGENIOUS. WHY DON’T ALL DRESSES HAVE THIS? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Seriously, even the caps don’t convey my excitement about this revelation.BNG Workshop plus size dress on Mind the Curves_5

Overall I’m incredibly chuffed with this dress, and based on this design, would definitely order from BGN Workshop again. In fact, I already have my eye on these lovelies, here and here.

BNG Workshop plus size dress on Mind the Curves_4

It’s worth noting that BGN delivers internationally and offers free shipping, and also that my order arrived, to my doorstep, in two days. TWO DAYS.

So yeah. I’m done gushing. Lemme know what you think in the comments.




Plus size pants: bootleg panel pants from Cath.Nic at Queenspark

Plus size Cath.Nic pants

Pants. Me and pants. Pants and me.
Well, the thing is, we have a precarious relationship.
We’re not quite estranged – but we’re not exactly besties either.
I think my first reservation is comfort. I have a pretty tender tummy situation, and can’t stand anything that comes tight in my waist. Pants always seem to do that – jab you in the waist with their buttons and belts and buckles. Urgh.

Then there’s the whole not being able to hide your ass thing – historically anyway. I remember, as a teen, not being able to wear pants without tying a shirt around my waist so that you couldn’t see my butt. I intended it to look casual, like ‘Oh, hey, I was wearing this shirt/jersey/hoodie (the bigger the better) but got too hot and didn’t want to put it down so I just tied it round my waist,’ but really it was co-ordinated like that intentionally, as part of my outfit. And the thought of walking around without my ‘safety shirt’ – well, you might as well have asked me to take a wander in my underwear.

But in recent years, as documented in these very tomes, I’ve become more accepting – nay, appreciative – of my body – even my butt. And then winters like these come along, and you think ‘Heck I love my frocks, but good golly gosh they don’t cover my legs and dagnabbit I’m cold.’ And so you consider pants. Leggings and jeggings have both had a role in my closet, but pants – well pants have remained pretty elusive.

And then on my customary perusal of Queenspark, I discovered these babies:

Plus size Cath.Nic pants

They’re by Cath.Nic – a brand exclusive to Queenspark, which has a younger, edgier appeal (you can see my muchly-adored Cath.Nic leopard print frock here).

I haven’t been so wild about the panel trend in general, but I really liked the print of these guys – a kind of gloss geometric pattern on the matt fabric. And they felt soft – so soft – so screw it. I tried them on.

Plus size Cath.Nic pants


Dude! They’re so comfy! The size 18 was a great fit (I’m usually round a 20), and the waist didn’t cut in the tender bits of my tummy – or anywhere, come to think of it. The biggest surprise was I kind of like the silhoutte they cut on me – guys, I like my butt in these pants. That’s pretty big. (Pun intended, smartass).

Plus size Cath.Nic pants

I also like that they can be dressed down for a casual, more edgy look, or up for work or a night out. (HAHAHAHAHAHAH LIKE I EVER GO OUT AT NIGHT.)

Plus size Cath.Nic pants

(Let’s just pretend you can’t see my comfy sports bra peeking out in the below pics – it’s what happens when you have your blog pics taken by your grumpy instahusband half an hour after you’re already meant to be at friends for dinner).

Plus size Cath.Nic pants Plus size Cath.Nic pants

Worn above with my trusty Isabel de Villiers coat.

So whaddaya think? Do I pull them off?

Plus size dress: Joolz Fashion V Dress in Lemon and Lavendar

Mind the Curves plus size fashion 3

My fella will be quick to tell you, if the house is quiet and he’s not sure where I am, I’m likely to be snuggled up somewhere on Instagram looking at dresses.

I’d list “looking at dresses” high up there among my favourite things to do to relax (right next to playing a boardgame or watching The Walking Dead).

One of the reasons I like “looking at dresses” so much is the amazing style inspiration, but I also love seeing beautiful women of all shapes and sizes across the world feel beautiful in what they’re wearing. Another reason is that it’s a great way to discover up-and-coming plus size designers – as was the case with Airdrie – better know as Joolz of Joolz Fashion.

I followed Joolz on Instagram for quite some time, always admiring her funky style – colourful and whimsical, feminine, fearless and fun – before I one day realised so many of the outfits she wore that I loved were of her own design. Dude, how cool is that!?

Joolz Fashion plus size V dress in lemon and lavendar

In her bio on Etsy, Airdie explains that she has been designing and making her own clothes for as long as she can remember. “Mum had a sewing machine & made many of our clothes when we were kids (thanks so much for those matching outfits with my sister, Ma!), so it’s never been an unusual choice to sew for myself.”

As a plus size lady herself, she was frustrated by her limited clothing options, so started her own line. “I love dressing up, and I think fashion should be fun, not frustrating! I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I do,” she says.

Mind the Curves plus size fashion 7

I discovered that while Joolz is based in Australia, she retails on Etsy, which is basically the best news ever as it means – guess what? – you can order her stuff from just about ANYWHERE.

If you like quirky patterns like I do it’s definitely worth checking out her line of leggings (THOSE FLAMINGO ONES WILL ONE DAY BE MINE), but at my heart we all know I’m a frock girl through and through, and when I laid eyes on the V Dress in lemon and lavender I knew we were meant for eachother.

Joolz Fashion plus size V dress in lemon and lavendar

The dress is made out of of a lovely cotton. It’s light enough to be worn in summer, but it can also be worn on a colder day with a cardi (made to match by Joolz) and stockings, making it quite a versatile piece.

I totally have a thing for dips on the back, and the V neckline – front and back – that the dress is named after is incredibly classic and flattering. The pleats gather beautifully in the waist to enhance your shape, and the skirt is the perfect fullness – flowy, without making you look like a giant cupcake (although, personally, I don’t have too much of a problem looking like an oversized confectionary).

Mind the Curves plus size fashion 8

My (rude) man says that the pattern makes him think of pyjamas, but personally I like the incongruity – the dress is a little bit unexpected, and I really love that about it, it gives it an edge for me. In a dream world where I could open my closet and anything I pictured would the there before my eyes, I would love to wear this dress with a lavender belt and heels – and ooh, ooh, imagine it with little glovesies!!

Mind the Curves plus size fashion 10Mind the Curves plus size fashion 4

The sweet little cover-up also shouldn’t go without mentioning – it adds just enough warmth to get away with the dress on a sunny winter’s day, without dominating the dress. I think it comes to the perfect length to make it extra flattering – I suspect this won’t be the only outfit it gets incorporated into 🙂

Mind the Curves plus size fashion 2

Did I forget to mention that it has pockets. GUYS, IT HAS POCKETS!

Joolz Fashion plus size V dress in lemon and lavendar

So, if you feel a little shopping spree coming on, go on and support an indie plus size designer – I know I, for one, will be keeping close tabs!

Mind the Curves plus size fashion 9



Plus size active wear: Mermaids and Unicorns

Sometimes, despite the very best intentions, we fall flat.

Take, for example, my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for 2016. Towards the end of 2015 I reached a point in my body acceptance journey where I was over rebelling against what I was told I could and couldn’t wear and pulling my middle finger at the diet industry, and felt ready to move into a phase of nurturing my body. I felt – and still feel – that loving your body means looking after it as best you can, by eating healthily and exercising. (The key to my belief here is that – different to what they had meant to me before – diet and exercise was to nurture a body I loved, not punish and alter a body I hated). And so, I got it into my mind that with the new year, I would start a new routine: one filled with frequent exercise and healthy meals.

One of the things I was most excited about was the activewear. In my ‘previous life’ gym garb had consisted of ratty old tracksuit pants, and scruffy t-shirts. I died a million deaths at the thought of anyone recognising me on the way to, during or at gym. But now, in my new body positive reincarnation, I would dress up to go to gym – a device that I hoped would make me feel excited about exercising. So, when I stumbled across Mermaids & Unicorns online and spied their funky and whimsical active-wear, it was love at first sight. Quirky prints, dinosaurs, unicorns, mermaids – and it was a South African brand. It was as if it was made for me! I jumped at the chance – the honour – to feature them on the blog.

Except that now it’s almost the end of June 2016 and can you guess how many times I’ve been to the gym? Yeah, it’s less than that. As disgusted and ashamed as I am of myself for not doing what I know is good for me, it’s all the more worsened by the fact that I let a brand that I admire and that has supported me down.

My gorgeous, funky, fun leggings have sat in my cupboard, unused. This is not what gorgeous, funky, fun leggings are designed for. These leggings are designed for for making you feel good, for making others feel good when they see you in them feeling good, and then in turn making you feel good again after you see other people feeling good at seeing you feel good in them.

So today I decided to get over myself, get over sucking it big time, to put on the leggings of awesomness I didn’t deserve to wear, and to break them in with some yoga.

This is how it went:

plus size activewear on Mind the Curvesplus size activewear on Mind the Curvesplus size activewear on Mind the Curvesplus size activewear on Mind the Curvesplus size activewear on Mind the Curvesplus size activewear on Mind the CurvesI couldn’t touch my toes like I used to, but it was a start. And I feel good, because I did something good for myself.

The leggings fit me beautifully – not to be weird here, but how great does my ass look in them? I’m usually pretty petrified of anything tight on my ass. They are super high-quality and robust – both in the assembly of the garment and the heavier-weight fabric – and I suspect will stand up much better to the toll of chub rub in the groin region than my other leggings do.

Mermaids & Unicorns has a ton of other spectacular prints, and the entire range is limited edition, so check them out here.

And also heed a lesson I had to learn the hard way:
Don’t put off doing something because you feel you won’t be good enough at it. We’re often not good at it the first time – in my case I didn’t become an instant devoted gym bunny because the clock struck 2016. And the longer I left it, the more I hyped myself up about how much more I’d have to do to make up for what I wasn’t already doing, until it was easier just to forget about the whole thing. I didn’t need to become a pinnacle of plus size athleticism to be deserving of these awesome leggings – I just need to put the damn things on and do something. In this case it was half an hour or trying to touch my toes and balance on one leg, but maybe tomorrow I’ll go for a brisk walk. And if someone sees me, in my multicoloured wonderpants, they’ll smile and think ‘Oooh, good for her, maybe I should get out there, and where did she get those spectacular pants from?’

And then both my job and the legging’s job will be done.

Plus size OOTD: Black maxi dress from Captive8

The black maxi dress is a classic wardrobe staple – it can be dressed up or down, and easily modified to the season.

This one from Captive8 is made from the most wonderful slinky fabric – it has a great weight, and is not too clingy. I also love the V neckline, and the knotted feature at the waist – I find it super flattering. I feel like this dress could be style 1 hundred million ways – here’s my first go:

Plus size maxi dress on Mind the CurvesPlus size maxi dress on Mind the Curves Plus size maxi dress on Mind the CurvesPlus size maxi dress on Mind the Curves Plus size maxi dress on Mind the CurvesPlus size maxi dress on Mind the Curves Plus size maxi dress on Mind the Curves

Dress: Captive8
Lipstick: Revlon
Hair flower: Hell Razor 
Shoes: Queue from Spree
Photographer and Stylist: Simone from Yellow Papaya

Plus size OOTD: Watercolour shift dress from Captive8

If this shoot looks a little seasonally inappropriate it’s because these images lost themselves – and  I just unlost them. Unfortunately a bunch of the looks I shot aren’t available in stores any more – but this one is! Woohoo!

I fell in love with this comfy shift dress from Captive8 for its colours – it reminds me of that Monet painting with the lilies. It’s light and breezy for the warmer months, but for the colder seasons you could pair it up with navy leggings and gold shoes, with a cream-coloured cardi and/or scarf.

Plus size shift dress on Mind the CurvesPlus size shift dress on Mind the Curves Plus size shift dress on Mind the Curves Plus size shift dress on Mind the CurvesPlus size shift dress on Mind the Curves IMG_9906_Snapseed

Dress: Captive8
Nail art: Hallo Pragtig
Lipstick: Catrice
Earrings: Zuri
Photographer and Stylist: Simone from Yellow Papaya

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