Win one of 3 outfits with Isabel de Villiers A/W 2016

Isabel de Villiers is probably the biggest name in South African boutique plus size fashion, and the amazing lady behind the brand was one of the very first contacts I made when starting this blog and my plus size fashion journey.

I look back now and realise that when Isabel asked me to model for her A/W 2015 range it was something of a turning point – or maybe the springboard – that has lead to so many exciting opportunities since then. Suffice it to say that I owe a lot of the high points of my journey to Isabel.

Anybody who has had the good fortune to meet this talented designer will know that she gets it. She gets the beauty of bodies in different shapes and sizes, she gets how important it is for confidence to come from inside, from how you feel, and she gets the plus size fashion scene – that us larger ladies want to be edgy and fashion-forward sometimes too.

So when Isabel asked me to be a part of her A/W 2016 lookbook I didn’t hesitate for a heartbeat – I knew something good was in store – and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Now I’ve chosen five of my favourite looks from the range to give you a little preview – but you can see the whole thing here. Isabel has also kindly offered 3 lucky Mind the Curves readers an outfit of their choice from the collection, so get on entering below!

My five favourite looks from Isabel de Villiers A/W 2016

1. Drape Maxi DressMind the Curves for Isabel de Villiers plus size fashion South Africa

2. Wrap Dress

Mind the Curves for Isabel de Villiers plus size fashion South Africa


3. Drape Dress

Mind the Curves for Isabel de Villiers plus size fashion South Africa


4. Polo Shift Dress

Mind the Curves for Isabel de Villiers plus size fashion South Africa


5. Mesh Inset Jumpsuit

Mind the Curves for Isabel de Villiers plus size fashion South Africa


In order to win one of these gorgeous outfits, or another from the A/W 2016 lookbook, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Plus size ‘super model’ Ashley Graham stars in music video

A huge win for body diversity in mainstream media today as a music video by popstar Joe Jonas landed starring plus size ‘super model’ Ashley Graham.

While pop isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I totally love how Ashley’s beauty is celebrated in the video for ‘Toothbrush’ – every inch of it. She prances around in her underwear like it ain’t no thang (not that it should be!) and it’s totally gorgeous. She’s not treated any differently than I imagine they would have treated a thinner model, and that sends such a powerful message. Yay for Ashley, yay for Joe, and yay for everybody who celebrates bodies of every shape, size and tone as beautiful.

You can watch the video here:

#IAmMe – Evans plus size clothing is live in South Africa!

It’s with great excitement that we can finally say – UK plus size clothing brand Evans is now live on Spree!

I have vicariously been a long-time fan of the brand, seeing some of my UK plus size blogger/activist sisters taking part in their #IamMe and #StyleHasNoSize campaigns. The brand has a brilliant reputation not only for high-quality, fashion forward clothing for plus sizes, but also for championing a movement for confidence in larger women, and for empowering all women to feel beautiful – the same values that are close to my heart.

So, when Spree approached me with the news that they were bringing the brand to our shores and that they wanted me to be involved with the launch campaign – well, you can imagine my excitement!

Last week the big day came and in a hustle of outfit changes and primping and prettying, we shot this fabulous campaign:


I was joined by plus size bloggers Lala Tshabalala of Plus Size is Me and Candice Bresler of A Gorgeous Life, and we each got to run a competition on our blogs and bring along the winner for a ‘model for a day’ experience. I was totally thrilled when I drew Robyn van der Merwe’s (of Curious Robyn blog) in my competition. I have had the good fortune of meeting her at a number of blogger events previously and was thrilled to have the chance to spend the day with her.


Besides being a delicious dollop of lovely, how GORGEOUS is this chick? When Lala arrived she joked that she knew Robyn was my competition right off the bat – I guess our mutual love of funky hair colours was a dead giveaway 🙂

Getting to meet Lala and Candice was one of the major highlights of the day for me – there’s something to powerful about this sisterhood fighting to find the beauty in themselves, and to inspire others to do the same.




What I love about this campaign – like the #JetLoveYourself campaign that I was recently part of – is the ‘realness’ of it. I’m reluctant to say that the campaign used ‘real women’ – all women are real – yes, even the supermodels – but the fact is none of us are professional models, and that this campaign shows a diverse range of skin tones, body types, hair types etc. – and I find that beautiful. And incredibly important! I think if people start to see more people that they can identify with in the media portrayed as beautiful, they will find it easier to feel that way about themselves.


And damn, do these gals look good, or what? 🙂

The campaign was shot by Ricardo Simal, and styled by Spree Fashion Director Chris Viljoen.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the campaign? Do you like the clothes?
Drop me a line below and share your thoughts 🙂

Evans Plus launches in South Africa – Win a VIP modelling experience and R1500 voucher

One of the biggest gripes of South African plus size women is that there just aren’t enough fashion-forward plus size clothing options available. So, when I found out that leading UK plus size brand Evans was coming to South Africa via Spree – well, you can’t even begin to imagine my excitement!

I was given an exclusive sneak peek at the launch range, and had a bit of fun styling the Evan garments with other things available from Spree’s plus size offering, as well as my own closet.
These are some of the looks I came up with:

Evans Look 1:
Evans blouse

Jersey bar back top:  Evans at Spree
Skirt: Similar one available from Style Republic at Spree
Shoes: Footwork at Spree

Evans Look 2:
Evans outfit 1
Zip front dress: Evans at Spree
Shoes: Footwork at Spree

Evans Look 3:

Evans outfit 3
Printed hourglass fit dress: Evans at Spree

Evans Look 4:

Evans outfit 2
Pleat front maxi dress: Evans at Spree
Shoes: Solle at Spree
Choker: c(inch) at Spree

Evans Look 5:

Evans 4

Belted sleeveless trench: Evans at Spree
Mid-blue jeggings: Evans at Spree
Boots: Edit at Spree

I’m a big fan of online shopping – I loathe few things more than trying things on in a tiny cubicle and unflattering lighting. I keep my measurements saved at hand and after comparing them to the size chart available on site can order my size with confidence – and if it doesn’t look quite right Spree’s return policy means it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t look as awesome as it did in my head.

So now on to the exciting part! In celebration of Evans coming to South Africa, Spree is treating one lucky Mind the Curves reader to a ‘model for a day’ experience. The winner will join me, along with two other bloggers and their winners, for a makeover and photo shoot. The images will be used as part of the launch campaign, so this is a great opportunity for aspiring plus size models out there. The winner will also receive a R1500 voucher to spend on their favourite Evans garments.
NB – the winner needs to be available for the shoot in Cape Town, on 10 May 2016, and transport is not included. The Evans size curve is 16 – 28, so the winner needs to fall within these sizes.
Good luck, curvy readers – get your entries in here:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Plus size OOTD: Teal fit and flare dress from Edit at Spree

I’m not even going to bother with apologies and explanations about why it’s been so long since I last posted.

Instead, I’m going to launch straight into the fact that a dress I really like is ON SALE at Spree!

Check out the below, and if you like it, score yourself a deal!

DSC_0127DSC_0151DSC_0144DSC_0158 DSC_0186Skirt: Edit Plus at Spree
Heels: Mr Price
Necklace: Penelope Frog
Lipstick: ‘Tramp’ by Manic Panic available at AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium
Photographer and Stylist: Simone from Yellow Papaya
Shot on location at the Woodstock Exchange

How the #Jetloveyourself campaign can change the world

Ever had that nightmare – the one where you rock up somewhere with everyone you know, only to realise you’re in your underwear, or worse, naked?

Well, this nightmare came true for me – except that it turned out not to be such a nightmare after all.

The response to the #JetLoveYourself campaign has been overwhelming, and I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am to be a part of it. Showing how women of all different shapes, sizes and skin tones can be beautiful in a large-scale media campaign is a giant leap for South African media, and one that I hope paves the way for many more campaigns like it.

Despite my conviction of the message, it was incredibly daunting to partake. I’m a blogger, not a model, and taking your kit off knowing that hundreds of thousands of people are going to see you vulnerable is a pretty intimidating thought. Luckily I wasn’t alone in this boat – the other gorgeous women in this campaign – LeAnne Dlamini, Yoliswa Mcoqo, Melanie Ramjee and Nova Masango – were a great source of support and camaraderie – a living embodiment of what women should be for each other. Five strangers coming together to build each other up and create something beautiful, something inspiring – perhaps even something that could change lives.

I think back to teenage me – the one that would have died a million deaths at the mere thought that the underwear ‘nightmare’ could come true. The one who tied baggy shirts around her waist to try and mask her butt and thighs. The one who wore shapewear several sizes too small underneath her school uniform to try and make her look smaller. I wonder what she would have thought if she saw more familiar bodies – ones she could relate to –  depicted as beautiful in the media. Bodies like this:

Jet-intimate-502[2] Jet-intimate-560[2] Jet-intimate-581[2]

I really hope that the #JetLoveYourself campaign moved you. And that if you can see the beauty in the women that appeared in it, you can also see the beauty in your own body. Because imagine how different the world would be if we weren’t told there were good bodies and bad bodies, right bodies and wrong bodies. Imagine a world where all bodies are considered beautiful, where their value isn’t a number on a scale, and they were appreciated for the things that they allow us to do – touch, and explore, and create and build and comfort and love. Think of how different our lives would be, and what incredible things we could achieve, if this were so. If being a part of this campaign took one small step towards that world, then I’m prouder than ever before. Here’s to many more like it.

Nail art ideas: Valentine’s Day nail art

With the annual day of shlock and snoochies coming up tomorrow, it’s the perfect excuse for a little bit of nail art with a theme.

Nail art prodigy Roxy of Hallo Pragtig and I put our heads together, and this is what we came up with: 

I adore how this one turned out – on-theme, for sure, but also chic with an Eiffel Tower and pink poodle kinda vibe.

Here’s how to create the look yourself.

What you need for Valentine’s Day nail art:

  • a base and top coat
  • Pastel pink, black and gold nail polishes or gels. We used: Bluesky Shellac A21 (black), Bluesky Shellac 80547 (pink), Gelish All that glitters is gold (glitter), Artistic Colour Gloss Gorgeous (plain gold).
  • a striper brush, oval brush and dotting tool

Step 1: Paint the base colours

Remove all traces of previous polish. File and buff nails into desired shape. Apply and bake two layers of base coat, before applying base colours. We did the middle finger gold glitter, pointer and ring fingers in pink, and thumb and pinkie fingers black. Apply as many coats necessary per colour to get a solid base coat. On average, we applied three.

Step 2: polkadot nail art

Using the dotting tool, apply dots all over the pointer nail. start by creating a line down the centre of the nail, and then build out from there with even spacing. Bake and then apply top coat.

Step 3: striped nail art

Using a striping tool, create lines across your ring finger nail. Start by doing the top and bottom lines, and then do the centre one in order to space them evenly. Bake and then apply top coat.

Step 4: Glitter heart nail art

To add a glitter heart over the stripes, first paint it in a plain gold. Make sure to do it small enough that you can still see the stripes behind. Bake. Then, using an oval brush, add gold glitter to give it that special bling. You can dab the glitter onto ab absorbent makeup pad to absorb all excess liquid leaving you with just the glitter, if that helps. Bake and apply top coat.

Eh voila! Something fun, funky and a little girly too! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

If, like me, you don’t have the skills or equipment to do fun and lasting nail art, give Roxy a call on 079 086 7741, or message her through her website. You can also follow Hallo Pragtig on Facebook for more amazing nail art ideas.

Plus size Valentine’s Day outfit idea 10: Pin-up poppet

This frock is Valentine’s pinup perfection. It’s got the colours, it’s got the flirt, it’s got the fun.

The dress totally makes me feel the part – it makes me want to giggle, flutter my eyelashes and spin and twirl the night away!

The dress has a halter-neck and zip at the back, set in a stretch panel, which I think is a large part of why it gets such a perfect fit. I’m also grateful that the top is correctly graded for my ample bosom – not too much cutaway at the armpits, which is a common problem I experience.

The petticoat comes separately – I was super lucky that mine matched perfectly – and while it adds that extra fun bit of froof and volume, the dress is perfectly beautiful and full without one.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you had as much fun reading this series as I did doing it. And whether you’re with your lover, a friend or on your own, have a rocking Valentine’s Day – and don’t forget to show your body a little love!

IMG_0152IMG_0155IMG_0149 IMG_0147IMG_0137 IMG_0139

IMG_0167 IMG_0143

Dress: Pinn’d Up
Petticoat: Pinn’d Up
Necklace: Penelope Frog
Nail art: Hallo Pragtig
Hair cut and colour: StyleBar
Photographer and Stylist: Simone from Yellow Papaya

Plus size Valentine’s Day outfit idea 9: Ooh-lah-lah-leopard


Sometimes… well sometime’s a girl’s just gotta get glammed up. And what’s more glitz and glam than shparkly golden leopard print? NOTHING, NOTHING I TELL YOU.

This dress is one of those rare beasts that looks amazing on the hanger… and even better on your body! The first layer is a fun metallic leopard print pattern, and for extra opulence there’s a second layer of mesh, segmented with ribbons. The ribbons don’t just add to the rich sense of quality, but also help to draw the eye vertically, with a very flattering effect. This dress has spunk, it has spangle and it has class.

I paired it with some velvety heels to add to the textural orgy, and broke up my silhouette with a thin gold cord belt (I find it flattering to draw attention to my smaller parts on my body type). I topped everything off with a creepy skull necklace (‘cuz we couldn’t go having too much formal in one place. Oh no we couldn’t!)




IMG_0070IMG_0086 IMG_0085

Dress: Queenspark Plus
Shoes: Mr Price
Nail art: Hallo Pragtig
Hair cut and colour: StyleBar
Photographer and Stylist: Simone from Yellow Papaya

Plus size Valentine’s Day outfit idea 8: The classic little black dress

Ahhhh, where would we be without the little black dress? Dress it up, dress it down – it’s the wardrobe save-all. Bet you you could wear this dress every day for a month and style it differently each day and you’d get away with it.

This specific LBD is the Jacki-style dress from Captive8. The fit and flair cut of the dress pleases me, and the knot feature as a great detail. The fabric has a nice weight to it without being too hot – you could get away with this dress is summer or winter, depending what you wore it with. It’s definitely been designed with a curvier/plus body in mind.

For Valentine’s Day the obvious choice to pair it with is red. I married it up with my favourite red shoes and some bold red earrings to draw through the theme.

P.S. I’m not sure who the star of this shoot is. Me, or Spooky?


IMG_0056 IMG_0028 IMG_0032 IMG_0039

IMG_0055 IMG_0042 IMG_0044

IMG_0051 IMG_0058

Dress: Captive8
Nail art: Hallo Pragtig
Hair cut and colour: StyleBar
Photographer and Stylist: Simone from Yellow Papaya

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