Plus size OOTD: Navy and papaya

While I’m deeply lamenting the end of summer frock season, the good news is that the shops are chockablock full of some great sales.

This Olkpolka skirt at Big Blue was one such score. I fell in love with the unusual print immediately – an awesome fusion of African vibes with a retro nautical feel. Plus I’ve always had a thing for swallows 🙂

With an awesome stroke of luck, the gorgeous scarf Earth Addict sent me from their new Autum/Winter 2015 is the perfect accessory to this gettup. Whatcha think?

Anyone else get some awesome end of season scores they wanna share?

IMG_5531_Snapseed IMG_5557_Snapseed IMG_5583_Snapseed IMG_5611_Snapseed

photo 2_Snapseed IMG_5628_Snapseed

IMG_5645_Snapseedphoto 1 (1)_SnapseedPhotographer: Alison Westwood
Makeup: Qaanita Abrahams of OnqMakeup
Lips: Be Legendary Long-wear lip lacquer in After Dark from Smashbox
Skirt: Olkapolka at Big Blue
Scarf: Earth Addict 
Necklace: Antique brass by A Bird Named Frank at Kin
Bracelet: Silver and leather by Amari at Kin

Plus size OOTD double feature: The last of the summer frocks

The chill weather in Cape Town over the past couple days has given me a very rude awakening. SUMMER FROCK WEATHER IS ALMOST OVER!

What even the hell!?

Truth be told, I don’t much mind the changing of the seasons. I like variety, I like snuggling up and reading on rainy days, I like boardgames in front of the fire, and gumboots and umbrellas and crunchy leaves.

But I also really, really like my summer frocks. So I’m going to have to squeeze in wearing as many of them as I can before the full turn of the weather.
Here’s two I really love:





Dress: Isabel De Villiers
Windmill:  Kin Shop
Necklace: Penelope Frog
Nails: ‘Hot Coral’ from Gosh at Edgars
Lips: Velvet Touch in ‘Lambada’ by Gosh Cosmetics at Edgars
Make-up: Teri Tomsett from Black Dust Make Up
Photographer: Nigel Pamplin



Dress: Isabel De Villiers
Felt apple:  Kin Shop
Heart ring:  Kin Shop
Nails: ‘Hot Coral’ from Gosh at Edgars
Lips: Velvet Touch in ‘Lambada’ by Gosh Cosmetics at Edgars
Make-up: Teri Tomsett from Black Dust Make Up
Photographer: Nigel Pamplin


Plus size OOTD: Pink pinup fun at the vintage car graveyard

I recently had the extreme pleasure of doing some photo shoots with Grinkie Girls‘ pinup photographer Christi Williams, in town all the way from the US.

We did three fun shoots in three consecutive days, and, truth be told, I now feel like I’m in some kind of pinup withdrawal. The whole vibe of the thing is completely my scene – the pretty frocks, the cat eyes and red lips, the curled hair. The femininity that makes it even more shocking when you do something naughty. It’s all me to a T.

I was quite bleak when Christi and her awesome companion Amy had to return home to the states – I would import them here if I could. But I do have a little flame in me to start growing the pinup scene in Cape Town – give me a shout if you’re onboard 😉

In the meanwhile, I’m excited to share the photographs that Christi took of me. I’m starting with the last first – a fantastically fun evening we spent at a vintage car graveyard. I got to wear a gorgeous top from the Cape Town pinup clothing queen, Miss Happ (I got to do a shoot with her a few days before – coming to the blog soon!)

I didn’t have a skirt to go with the outfit, so guess what? I made my own! It only takes a couple hours using Annika Victoria’s helpful YouTube Video. (Just a note, if you do make it, to make the waist on the small side as I think the measurements are a little off).

Also, how perfectly does Penelope Frog‘s necklace go with the whole get-up? It’s like it was made for me!

Here are the pics. Let me know what you think.

20150301-IMG_6527 copy

20150301-IMG_6653 copy

20150301-IMG_6550 copy 20150301-IMG_6555 copy-Edit

20150301-IMG_6602 copy 20150301-IMG_6570 copy20150301-IMG_6658 copy 20150301-IMG_6685 copy 20150301-IMG_6695 copy


20150301-IMG_6520 copy

Photographer: Christi Williams of Grinkie Girls
Top: ‘Katy’ by Miss Happ
Necklace: Penelope Frog
Lips: ‘Funtime Fuschia’ in Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel

Win with the Isabel de Villiers Autumn/Winter 2015 range

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Isabel de Villiers. Her clothes are flattering, fun and comfortable, and she goes up to a size 48!

The Cape Town-based designer’s passion for making women of all shapes and sizes feel great in what they wear is really one I can identify with.

So, when she approached me to model in her latest catalogue, I was beyond flattered. A fun day of shooting and 13 outfits later, we put together this season’s lookbook.

The autumn /winter 2015 range features some bold, boxy cuts and colours and a ’60s vibe that I adore. Best of all is how comfortable everything is.

Here are some of my favourites from this collection:

Scarf dress (R760)
Jumpsuit (R790) and boatneck dress (R580).
Boatneck dress (R580)
Reversible scuba jacket (R1600)
Drape Top (R580) and Pencil Skirt (R560)


To see the rest of the line or to make one of these gorgeous get-ups your own, visit here.
You can also find Isabel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Isabel has generously offered a R1600 gift voucher to one lucky Mind the Curves reader.
Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter, and you could be walking away with a brand-new outfit!

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For some of my other favourite outfits from Isabel de Villiers Clothing, see here, here and here.

Doodled by CupcakeMummy

I’m so thrilled and flattered that the divine Cupcake Mummy has done a doodle of me – even featuring my silly kitten, Spooky!


I’ve really loved spotting this talented illustrator’s doodles of the day on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Her latest series, which she’s calling ‘Our Garden Secrets’, all feature a touch of nature collected from her garden by her darling son Fysh.

Here are some of my other favourites:

10421402_796379007084328_4452556804529694443_n 10805568_797824826939746_3045354746373571412_n10994348_797440213644874_7542193721334847009_n 11021216_796669797055249_2178721776553678480_n 11025140_797055427016686_5124259435816316553_n

She’s taking commissions, so if you’re looking for a unique birthday gift, this could be a total winner! Or Christmas cards even! How cool would that be?

P.S. How gorgeous are her nails!?

How to do a pin up hairstyle

With all the excitement of my looming shoot with Grinkie Girls photographer Christi Williams, Courtney of Esteem Hair and I set about creating my very own pin-up look.

Because of my medium-length hair and fringe, we decided to go with victory rolls with the rest of my hair down. This is how we did it:

Step one:
Start with clean, dry hair.

Step two:
Curl your hair using your preferred method. We used a GHD to create curls, pinning them as quickly as possible so that they cooled in a pin-curl. Spritz with a workable hairspray (nothing that will make the hair hard and sticky).

Step three:
Drag fingers through curls to get a relaxed look. (Wish my hair could look like this every morning when I wake up.)

Step four:
Draw a parting over the top of your head, from ear to ear. This is known as your contour line. Separate the hair between the contour line and the beginning of your fringe (or hairline if you don’t have a fringe) into two sections. Clip them to hold them in place. Back brush gently at the roots of each of these sections to create a bit of volume. Begin to roll your hair, from end to root, with hair coming from underneath rather than on top. Secure in place using a plentiful supply of bobby pins. Finally, spray the shit out of it with a heavy-duty hairspray.

If you give it a bash, please do send me pics – would love to see how it turns out!


Win a hair pamper session from Mind the Curves and Esteem Hair

Let’s face it, sometimes we just get too busy to look after ourselves.
Few things make me feel grottier than looking down to see chipped nail polish, or seeing my ‘skunk line’ (as I call it) of blonde roots regrowing under my dark hair. As much as I abhor it, sometimes life just gets in the way, and finding the time to tend to these things becomes harder and harder.

It’s for precisely this reason than Courtney Ireland has started Esteem Hair, a mobile hair salon service. Taking the pressure off you to have to organise a babysitter or to sit in traffic, she offers the full gamut of hair salon services in the comfort of your own home – yes, even the head massage while shampooing – my favourite part 🙂

After training and working at Carlton Hair for several years, Courtney values keeping your hair healthy above all else, along with her belief that everyone is entitled to feel beautiful.

Courtney’s visit to my home was relaxing – no rush and no fuss – an the end result was undoubtedly as good as a salon visit.

Mind the Curves
Feeling fab with my new ‘do’.

Style Esteem has kindly offered to sponsor a pamper session, including a cut, treatment and blowdry/flat-iron to one lucky Cape Town-based Mind the Curves reader. To enter, please use the Rafflecopter widget below. competition closes next Friday 27 Feb, and the winner will be announced the following week.

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Plus size OOTD: Valentine’s Day double feature

Ahhh, the annual Hallmark day of love. On which I will wear red, because yes, I am that cheesy.

And thanks to my gal Isabel De Villiers, I have just the frocks to wear!

What are you getting up to this V-Day?

Mind the Curves - plus size fashion blog
In retrospect, I look like one of those cheesey stock photo images here.
Mind the Curves - Plus-size fashion blog
How cool is this ring? It’s a bee! In resin!
Mind the Curves - Plus-size fashion blog
“Say cheese!”


Dress: Isabel De Villiers
Wooden scrabble coaster set: The Story of Mocholoco at Kin Shop
Ring: Eon Hoon at Kin
Earrings: The Story of a Bird Named Frank at Kin
Nails: ‘Hot Coral’ from Gosh at Edgars
Make-up: Teri Tomsett from Black Dust Make Up
Photographer: Nigel Pamplin

But wait! There’s more!
(I feel like I’m on the cover of a shmultzy romance novel in this shoot).



Mind the Curves - Plus-size fashion blog Probably my favourite shot from the whole shoot. How amazing is photographer Nigel Pamplin?


Dress: Isabel De Villiers
Necklace: Eon Hoon at Kin
Ring: Smith at Kin
Nails: ‘Hot Coral’ from Gosh at Edgars
Shoes: Zoom (looong time back)
Make-up: Teri Tomsett from Black Dust Make Up
Photographer: Nigel Pamplin

OOTD: Lady in black

This shoot was hella fun. My photographer extra-ordinaire, Alison, wanted us to channel ‘Hello Magazine’ vibes, so I mustered as much low-level British aristocracy as I have in me.
Which really worked with this awesome dress. This awesome dress that I never want to take off. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure it has transformative powers – I felt amazing from the very second I slipped it on.

Also a bit like a famous opera singer, lounging about her, uhm, lounging room, or a murdering regent heiress.

Plus-size occasion-wear - Mind the Curves

“Hello dahlings. Did you see me in Aida?”

Plus-size occasion-wear - Mind the Curves

“Hmmm, who I should I murder next? The Duke of Widdlyshmooshkins, or that French prince Phillipe?”

Plus-size occasion-wear - Mind the Curves

“Shit. Where did I leave my poison ring?”

Dress: Jacoba Clothing
Necklace: Thrifted
Shoes: Woolies, aaaaages ago
Nails: ‘Metallic Purple’ from Gosh at Edgars
Make-up: Qaanita Abrahams from Onq Makeup
Photographer: Alison Westwood

Bonus pic where all propriety and sophistication goes out the window:

Plus-size occasion-wear - Mind the Curves


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