So, we all know I’ve got a soft spot for dots. (See what I did there).

So when one of my favourite designers has a dress, with spots, in one of my favourite colours, it’s just a guaranteed win. This pretty wiggle frock from Revelation Fashion hugs all the right places, and will get a lot of wear come summer. Would love to pair it up with a white belt and little denim jacket. (if only my wardrobe had everything my heart desired ever).

I added some vintage Italian peeptoes for a little pinup authenticity 😉


IMG_6135_Snapseed IMG_6234_SnapseedDress: Revelation Fashion
Makeup: Delicia Krause
Photographer: Alison Westwood
Shot on location at Banksia Boutique Hotel

2 Comments on Plus size OOTD: A spot of polkadots

    • Hi Alexandra, thanks for your message. First off to note is that being curvy and being healthy are not mutually exclusive. There are, of course, a number of health risks that come with being overweight, but equally there are dire health risks from high stress and depression. These are things that I hope to go into a lot more detail about here on Mind the Curves. The one thing that I know for sure is that it’s fundamental to pursue your health from a place of love for your body. Always make decisions that honour and nourish your body, and never to punish it. That’s what I believe, anyway 🙂 Much love, M

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