This week’s plus size style file is on another Instagram crush, Georgina from She Might be Loved. Not only is Georgina a foxy ‘Instalebrity’, but she also holds several awards and accolades for her achievements in plus size blogging. Read below to find out why I’m so smitten with her.

Plus size style file of Georgina Grogan

About Georgina from She Might be Loved

I’m Georgina and I’m a Beauty and Fashion Blogger/Social Media Manager from Sheffield, UK.

How do you define your style?

I’m what they call an ‘hourglass’ shape so I really love to show that off in skater dresses and fitted dresses to accentuate my curves.

Plus size style file of Georgina Grogan

Who inspires your style?

That’s a tough one as I don’t really look to anyone for inspiration, it’s more so a collective of everything I see mixed with my imagination and then I wear what I can find.

What are some things you can never leave the house without?

MAC Diva, concealer and my phone!

Which is your favourite fashion item at the moment?

My Newlook boots actually, they make me so tall and feel like a goddess.

Plus size style file of Georgina Grogan

What does the term ‘body positivity’ mean to you?

It means being able to look at anyone and not judge them over their shape, size or anything else other than their personality. It means loving yourself and others for the way they are and not wanting to change anything about them or yourself. Loving everyone for how they look. It’s such a simple concept but not many seem to be able to comprehend or put it into practice.

What are your ‘secrets’ for learning to love your body?

Look at yourself in the mirror a lot, I’m often called vain, but I’m just generally happy with what I’ve got and I’d rather always look out for mirrors and stop than avoid them.
Also finding your ‘style’ and those clothes that can really make you feel hot and confident is so important.

Plus size style file of Georgina Grogan

What do you still want to achieve?

I’m nearly 21 and I’ve done so much more than I ever expected, so this is a really tricky question. World Domination? Seriously though, I just want to do more of everything that I’m already doing and try to spread more of my positive attitude to more people.

What do you do for fun?

I hang out with friends and ignore emails!

If you were a character from a book, TV or the movies, who would you be and why?

Piper from Charmed, came to mind but I think that’s more of who I’d like to be as she was wise and always had to solve things. I asked my boyfriend and he said Maleficent, but again, that’s probably just my obsession with her. I mean I guess I could come off as Maleficent, as many people think I’m intimidating until they actually get to know me. I think it’s how I draw my eyebrows on….

Plus size style file of Georgina Grogan

Who has been the most important person in your journey to body positivity? Can you tell me about him or her?

Another difficult one as it’s actually been myself. I was the one who despite what other people said, I’d always be happy with myself deep down, I just needed to stop listening to others. As soon as I was to come away from all those negative people, I did, and since I’ve surrounded myself with positive people and tried to keep a positive mindset and that has really helped. It wasn’t easy, but there’s never been anyone in my life growing up who was just fat and happy, so I guess I had to be that person for me as I didn’t and still don’t want to change myself. I’m happy, others will just have to deal with it.

What wisdom would you pass on to someone at the beginning of their body positivity journey?

Get rid of the negativity in your life, if it means losing friends, it’s not the end of the world and you will make more when you’re ready. Delete people on Facebook, get a hobby where you can express yourself, clear out your life and start a new positive one.
It really worked for me and although I was at my lowest before I started my blog and started to climb the really steep hill up to body positivity, I now look back and realise I’m better for doing it.

What is your favourite feature, and how did you discover it?

Immediately I think my eyes, but then I like my cheeks too. I discovered it from makeup and knowing how to accentuate them, but then I started to appreciate them without anything on them.

Plus size style file of Georgina Grogan

You can read Georgina’s blog here, follow her on Instagram here, on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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