And so my #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) series continues – this week with another stunner I obsessively follow on Instagram. I’m head over heels for Katie’s wearable pinup look. She has exquisite taste, and really knows how to dress to make herself look good.




Let’s find out a bit more about this hot tamale:

About Katie from Life Through Kat Eyes

Hi!  I’m Katie, a 31yo Kiwi girl living in the land of Aus. I’m a fashion-obsessed, sometimes blogger with a love of pinup style with a modern twist, and ’40s and ’50s hair!  I’m an inbetweenie, meaning I fall between plus sizing and straight sizing, which is sometimes the best of both worlds and sometimes a challenge!


How do you define your style?

I  like to describe my style as everyday pinup. I would love to wear big beautiful dresses with corsets, stockings and garters, heels and full pinup makeup with intricate hairstyles on a daily basis, but its just not always practical, I’m not a morning person and I like my extra sleep in the morning.
I tend to pop a suicide or victory roll in my fringe most days, and leave the rest out or pop it in a pony tail, then add a flower or a scarf. Makeup wise, I just do a basic face with a slick of winged eyeliner and red lips.


I think hair, makeup and accessories set the vibe of the outfit. A simple skater dress with retro hair and makeup, and pearl jewellery can look quite retro. Cherries and pearls are my favourite for jewellery.
Prints like stripes, spots, florals, cherries and anything nautical looking help create a great pin up vibe – either on dresses or on a top, paired with a pencil skirt or cropped jeans. I adore cardigans too, a key piece in creating a retro look.


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.56.59 AM


Who inspires your style?

So many beautiful women! I manage a plus size clothing store so it’s not just bloggers and celebrities, but also the women I work with and some of our beautiful customers too! I met a lot of my friends when I moved to Australia through a plus size fashion Facebook group and I always admire how stylish they look.I absolutely adore lingerie bloggers Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust and Curvy Wordy, they rock gorgeous pinup dresses like no-one else.


And of course modern pinups Dita Von Teese, Bernie Dexter and Micheline Pitt.


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.54.57 AM


What can you never leave the house without?

Lip balm, red lipstick and my cellphone! Having dry lips is the worst, so I always need a balm or a gloss, red lippy is my staple makeup item and I’m addicted to checking social media so my phone is never too far away.


What does the term body positivity mean to you?

Appreciating the skin you are in and all that your body does for you. Living in the current moment rather than waiting until you are thinner, curvier, more tanned, toned or fit (etc) to do certain things in your life or to dress a certain way.  Being confident in your skin and how your body looks. Whether you are completely happy the way you are or whether you’d like to make changes, you can be body positive and love your body at every step of the way.


What are your secrets for learning to love your body?

Follow blogs or Instagram accounts of women whose style you admire who are a similar size or shape to you. You’ll soon realise you think they look incredible in things you are too scared to wear, and you’ll find yourself questioning why you don’t wear these things yourself. That’s how I got into pinup, I admired it from afar for quite some time before I dipped my toes in the water and realised I could do it too.
Also, be kind to your body – don’t say things about yourself you wouldn’t say about your best friend.  Find an exercise activity you enjoy and do it because you want to, not because you feel you have to.  Wear something out of your comfort zone – soon enough you might find you feel comfortable after all.



What are you passionate about?

It may sound cliche, but I’m so passionate about my job, I feel like we don’t just sell clothes,  we help people. To a lot of people, it’s just retail, but I’ve had customers get emotional about being able to find beautiful dresses or pretty bras in their size and leave the store smiling ear to ear. Teenage girls leave the store elated as they can buy trendy jeans like the ones their friends are wearing. When I was a teenager, it was impossible to find anything cute to wear above a UK14 and I’m so glad there are options out there now as every woman deserves to feel beautiful and wear trendy clothing.

What do you do for fun?

As much as I’m a girly girl, who loves to blog, shop, paint my nails and muck around with hairstyles, I like getting out in nature, hiking, random road trips, boating, exploring new places! I also love good wine and good food – so cooking, eating out and wine trails!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.17.00 AM

What wisdom would you pass on to someone at the beginning of their body positivity journey?

Fake it until you make it! Confidence doesn’t happen overnight, you have to work at it. It’s ok to have bad days or moments of doubt! Even supermodels have insecurities.

What is your favourite feature, and how did you discover it?

My favourite feature is my body shape. After years of dressing to hide my body, i realised I’m actually quite shapely and I dress to highlight my shape and curves. I like to accentuate my hips and I wear a lot of waist belts with pencil skirts.

Please finish the sentence. ‘I love my body because…’

I love my body because it carries me around each day, it helps me work rest and play, i have working limbs, it’s in good health, what more could I ask for!?


Where are your favourite places to shop?

My fave brands are Pinup girl clothing, collectif, lindybop, hell bunny, lady vintage & sourpuss. I love glassons for basic cardis and trousers and of course City Chic!



For more of Katie’s awesome style, check out her blog at or follow her on Instagram.

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