With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking what you’re going to wear on your hot date. And hey, I’m not just talking about hot dates with man meat, ok, I mean like hot dates with your bestie, or your four-legged, or your mom, or even yourself, ok?

(That’s right, I look for any excuse to plan a new outfit :P)

Here’s plus size outfit idea number 1, for the good ‘ol coffee date.

Mind the Curves - plus size outfit ideas

IMG_0433 Mind the Curves - plus size outfit ideas Mind the Curves - plus size outfit ideas

Mind the Curves - plus size outfit ideas

Skirt: Style Republic Plus at Spree
Pumps: PnP Clothing
Hair flower: Koffin Kitten
Lipstick: ‘Striking M-attitude’ CO2 Matt Lip Colour from Alluring Reds collection by Catrice
Nails: Hallo Pragtig
Hair cut and colour: StyleBar
Photographer and Stylist: Simone from Yellow Papaya
Shot on location at Field Office, Woodstock

4 Comments on Plus size Valentine’s Day outfit idea 1: The Coffee Date

  1. Aww this is super cute!! I love the casual yet chic vibe this outfit gives off. It’s still dressy and girly but not so much that you’re not comfy and relaxed. =)

  2. Hey Meg. This looks gorgeous! Just wondering what sort of material that skirt is and if it’s got any give/stretch in the fabric? I really love it and want to order it for when I come home to SA for a visit.

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