I have been obsessing over these tulle skirts since I first saw them.

To put into context, let me explain that when people ask me to describe my taste in fashion, I often say “Imagine what a 3-year-old girl would like to wear all day. That’s me.” Tulle skirts appeal to my inner princess. My secret ballerina. If you’re in one, magical things surely will happen, right?

So, when I saw this object of my desire in a beautiful range of colours start appearing on local plus size designers Revelation Fashion‘s Instagram feed, I knew I had to have one.

Now, lucky readers, Revelation is not only giving one lucky Mind the Curves princess their very own skirt, but all readers a 10% discount off anything on their website if you quote a special top secret code. Scroll down for more info!




Skirt: Revelation Fashion
Earrings: Zuri
Nails: Nails Inc in ‘Leather Effect’

If you can’t stand it and need to order your tulle skirt IMMEDIATELY, you can order from Revelation Fashion now. To qualify for a 10% discount on this, and anything else on their site, enter the code MINDTHECURVES on check out. This offer is valid until Thursday 7 May 2015.

Revelation has also kindly sponsored a tulle skirt for one lucky reader. To get in line, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.

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36 Comments on Win a tulle skirt worth R900 with Mind the Curves and Revelation Fashion!

  1. Oh my GOODNESS, I’ve been looking for a tuille skirt for months! It’s so hard to find one that doesn’t sit halfway up your thigh – I’m SO excited about this! I want to feel like a princess, please? I promise to wear it at least once a week 😉

  2. I am a very girly girl and of course that means I LOOOOOVE tulle skirts! I would love to have one in all the colours of the rainbow! It is such a statement piece and you know when you walk into a room wearing a this GORGEOUS skirt everyone in the room can not help but notice you. Pretty, please can I be the lucky lady dancing away in this skirt. <3

  3. Super weird! I’ve been looking at tutorials on Youtube on how to make your own tulle skirt!

    I would absolutely love to win this beautiful skirt, and the cobalt blue Meg is wearing is perfect!!!

    Crossing fingers and toes 🙂

  4. It’s my 21st Birthday in 2 months and as a plus size girl I struggle to get a youthful,fun and unique outfit, and BAAAAM!! This competition to win the tulle skirt might just be the solution to my worries

  5. I NEED a tulle dress like this firstly to look like a princess and secondly to wear it on my disney adventures and pretend I’m Belle or Cinderella. RF has super cute colors!

  6. I’m still very new to the modern pin up culture and I can see my ever growing wardrobe with a few of these skirts. They are perfect for casual wear and yet perfect for a night out ♡ A multi purpose skirt that is a wardrobe essential !!♡

  7. Oh that skirt is just HEAVEN. Simply gorgeous. Love it. Your blog is utterly fabulous and inspires me to get my act together and sort through my terribly “lazy” wardrobe. I also wanna look like a pin-up!

  8. *shriek* that skirt, gorgeous and obviously my fav one is the pink version! My fav outfit on the website is the Peach Tulle Skirt with Black Top, love it xx

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